Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TCG Xyz ruling revoked?

Hey guys! I have a very important update. I was browsing Duelistgroundz when I came upon this thread. Please watch the video. I am not sure if this video has any credability but it sure does look real. and as the guys said konami has never gone against shonen jump when it came to rulings. I have yet to recieve my jump for this month but when I do i will take a picture of that page possibly proving the truth. This all does sound legit as konami has made nothing offcial here in the TCG as of yet. Only Kevin Tewart has said something( and we ALL believe him lol).

If this does turn out to be true I will be very pleased with konami's action and it will posssibly renew my faith in them as a company( now if only they could get a new card design team.) A official announcment will possibly be made by the time the dark world structure deck is out....or YCS toronto again I am not a judge but if konami has made nothing official what will the judges do? Exactly I do expect a ruling from YCS toronto hopefully. Again this is all just a rumor right now but this does seem to have some credablity. I will keep everyone updated. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: If you don't have a duelistgeoundz account for whatever reason then here is the link to the Youtube Video

Also here is a scan of the page

EDIT#2: I do apoligize for the wrong title. I was thinking about the effect on tour guide when i was writing this post so I named this post tour guide ruling revoked, when in reality it was the TCG ruling revoked I do apoligize for the misunderstanding.


  1. no please konami don't change the ruling broken is what this game is about not balanced i hate balanced
    please konami keep the ruling i love tourguide and i got mine full price!

  2. that doesn't mean anything it is says that "technically" it isn't on the field
    but the materials are still on field

  3. @Anon#2: Why would you not want a balanced game? Also that is part of the risks by playing this game and buying cards, if you buy high and the price goes low then you net money but if you buy low sell high then you make profit, but sometimes you lose money that is life. lastly nothing i said on this post has any truth value at all until konami makes a announcement or makes a new rulebook.

    @Anon#2: Yes I just got my SJ today and when I turned to that page I did notice that Technically in there, you make a valid point. The people who saw this (myself included) might have taken the words out of context.