Saturday, August 13, 2011

Does the OCG and TCG need to have different banlists?

Hey guys! So today I will talk about whether or not the OCG and TCG should have different banlists. This format esspecially I have been hearing that since the 2 metagames are so different that it is only natural that they differ. I have always been firm in my beleif that the OCG and TCG do not need to have different banlists. All of my teamates feel the same way. But one of my freinds has always said that the OCG and TCG do need different banlists. I usually just wrote him off but lately I have been thinking that maybe they do need different lists. I am going to weigh the pros and cons of each
SIDE NOTE: Some decks that I consider tier 1 may not be what you conider tier 1 and vice versa.

OCG Tier 1 Decks
Junk Doppel
Six Sam
Dark World
Tech Genus Gadget

TCG Tier 1 decks
Tengu/Tour guide plant
Six Sam
Tech Genus Stun

See any differences? That's what I thought. Our metas are very different. There is really one big reason for that: TCG Exclusives. The cards that they realese in the TCG that they don't realese in the OCG are usually very overpowered. To name a few: Allure,GK Recruiter, Darksoul, Boggart Knight, Emmersblade,Tengu, Tour guide, all of these cards defined formats and most of them continue to define the TCG as we speak. So basically the TCG banlist would be so that the TCG exclusives would not be over powered for more than a format. There has only been one instance where the OCG hit a TCG exsclusive and that was allure from phantom darkness. Now of course you could just say to konami: stop making these ridiculous overpowered cards and get new card design people. But we all know that is not going to happen. You could also say to Konami: on the banlists pay attention to both metas equally and don't favor one over the other, but we all know that isn't going to happen either, heck both metas having seperate banlists probably isn't going to happen. I will now weigh the pros and cons.

Pros: TCG exclusives would only define our format for no more than a format(provided the people making the banlists have some sense). The formats would be slightly more balanced.

Cons: disorganization such as: what would happen at worlds which metas banlist would we use, who would make these banlists. Also the cards coming out in every set would have a different impact on both metas so no more netdecking( maybe this should go in the pros.)

So as you can see there are 2 sides to every coin. What do my readers think? Discuss. Thanks for reading!


  1. we would have different banlists if only there was no worlds

  2. The way they set it up is fine IMO, but what i don't like is the differences in rulings, like how the OCG/TCG varies in rulings for player priority in regards to ignition effects and for xyz material

    1. Yeah, it's two totally different places with different rulings. IMO, make the rulings universal and the banlists will soon follow.