Friday, August 5, 2011

Ban List Predictions!


BTW: The sections are color coded for your conveniance(wrong spelling I know)

BTW #2: I was going to talk about turbo pack 6 and the Xyz ruling but most of you guys have already heard about that, okay on with the post.

Hey guys! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! lol just kidding! . So With so many other bloggers giving their view on the banlist I thought well why not make my own predictions. (This is just what i would do for the banlist and this is only my opinion so don't take it to heart if you don't like something on this list thanks!)

T.G Hyper Libararian(however you spell his name)
Mind master
Future Fusion
Limiter Removal
Monster Reborn
Royal Tribute
Giant trunade
Gateway of the six

Black Rose
Formula Synchron
Pot of Avarice
Shiens Smoke Signal
Solemn Warning
Fishborg Blaster
Lss Shien
heavy storm
Archlord Krystia

Semi Limited
Reborn Tengu
Destiny Draw
Book Of Moon
Gravekeeper Spy
Royal Oppression

Magical Stone Evacation
Bottomless Trap Hole

T.G Hyper Librarian: As long as this card is around stupid combos will be around as well, too much card advantage is generated off this one card and you only need one to win so that is why it is banned!

Dandylion: Look at T.G Hyper librarian

Mind Master: this is just like substitoad and it just puts your whole deck on the field.

Future Fusion: This card already has an ftk and puts up to 5 monsters in the grave.

Limiter Removal: No card should exist soley for an otk which is exactly what this card's purpose is.

Monster Reborn: When you are winning you shouldn't have to worry about someone topdecking this and winning. Generates a huge swing in your favor much like brain control did.

Royal Tribute: This card simply says if you draw this card first turn you win 99.9% of the time.

Gateway of the six: See royal tribute

Giant Trunade: This card is very sacky and just means an otk.

Semi Limited:

Trishula: OCG has it so should TCG

Blackrose: Blackrose is one of those monsters that you should only have to deal with once much like dark armed dragon if you can get rid of it once then you are done.

Formula: This card enables too many combos, and for the OCG it easily summons quasar.\

Pot of Avarice: In this format people don't care if their monsters get destroyed as they can just avarice them right back and draw 2, that has to stop, people have to think how and when to use their monsters.

Sheins Smoke Siganal: Sams should not have 4 rotas, with this limit they still have 2 rotas which is better than most decks.

Solemn Warning: People need to be able to summon monsters plain and simple. I do understand that warning helps the control aspect of the game but a control deck just won the North American WCQ so that tells us that we have too many answers as it is.

Fishborg Blaster: Some people have limited treeborn on their lists, but i chose fishborg because I have never understood why plaguespreader is limited but this card is not. It is more broken than plague, sure fishborg can only be used with water but plague is only used in zombie decks anyway.

Lss Shien: See black rose.

MST: If heavy is back to 1 and trunade is banned then we need to return to the days of people needing to think about if they set 1 card or their whole hand.

Heavy Storm: Once this card was banned did anybody notice that was when we had luck sacky decks and otks run rampant? Coincidence I think not. Heavy Storm needs to come back.

Archlord krystia: Krystia has made agents to powerful I am okay with hyperion and earth but this card at 2 is really just overkill and when this card is destroyed it is returned to the top of the deck so you just repeat the cycle, one is enough.

Semi Limited:

Reborn tengu: I have a bad feeling that konami will ignore this card but if you have played in a competitive tournament this format then you will know that tengu needs to get hit.

Destiny Draw: D-Heroes have been doing nothing and with mali at 2 and disk commander banned and in order to use this card you have to use sub par monsters I think it is okay to come back, give d- heroes some life back.

Dewloren: This card is a FTK maker plain and simple. This card should have never been put back to 3 in the first place.

Book of moon: in my view it was just plain stupid that konami ever limited this card I personally beleive that this card should be at 3 but baby steps at a time. This card is a -1 so you have to know when to play it to get the most out of this card.

Gravekeeper Spy: I chose to hit this for 2 reasons: 1. gravekeepers need to get a hit just a little( royal tribute really isn't enough I have seen gravekeepers win without it plenty of times, it is just sacky when they do play royal tribute). 2. Xyz's are going to be coming in force to this game and spy is a one card rank 4 xyz. Also in the future I do think that spy will have to go to 1 but only time will tell.

Royal oppression: Mass special summons ruined this game and oppression rectifies this problem, also you can't blindly play this card if you don't have a good field so oppression is needed to keep this game in check. Especially since warning is at 1 we need more answers to summoning in general.


Magical stone Evacation: This card is a -2. Also when was the last time this card was used in a tournament winning deck.(Paul Cooper's Empty Jar deck doesn't count.)

Bottomless Trap Hole: This card was never played in 3's when it was at 3, then it wen't down to 2? Also since the meta is made up of alot of small monsters bottomless isn't such a universal answer to everything anymore.


  1. Aside from Oppression going to 2, I fully support your list. I may also consider hitting XX-Saber Faultroll but w/e lol =/

  2. @LFN: Thanks for your input, I was kinda iffy on oppression going to 2 myself but in the end I decided to put it on there. In regards to faultroll I completly agree but I just don't think konami will do it.