Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Got the new tins, a X-Saber tech(s), and a regional update

Hey guys! So as the title suggests i am going to be talking about a large range of items so lets get to it.

So this morning I woke up and went to my local walmart to see if they had the new tins in. Sure enough they did. So I got 1 levathain dragon tin and 2 wind up zeinmaster tins( cause of kristiya.) So when I got home I cracked open the tins and here is what I got.

Wind up Zeinmaster tin #1: Gladiator Taming out of EXVC

Wind up Zeinmaster tin #2: Scrap Breaker out of STOR and Trishula out of hidden arsenal( Score!)

levathain Dragon Tin: Karakuri Muso( the 2100 beater) out of STOR and Landoise out of hidden arsenal

I was actually quite happy about the trishula and considering i had a walmart gift card( so i got 3 tins for the price of 2) I got my money back. Cool. I just wish that Gladiator taming was a tour guide( don't we all).

So on to the second order of business. In my most recent X Saber discussion post Mike(from Dueling Legacy) commented that he was using Ragi instead of Airbellum. While I didn't like the deck without Air bellum I did like Ragi in the deck. I haven't tested it extensively yet, but in theory in should work. If someone heavy's or mst's your set call of the haunted you could chain which would usually bring back darksoul so you could search but you could also bring back ragi and net a card. Also with emmersblade you could summon ragi to get back emmersblade which is a decent play. Also with gottoms e call you could use ragi in that combo as well. Then there is always the combo that Mike brought to my attention which is summon boggart knight special ragi get back faultroll special faultroll use fautrolls effect to special pashul. Tune pashul faultroll and ragi to summon trish. That is a very solid combo. Of course this all in theory right now and I will tell you the results once I test more.

Also still talking about techs for X-Sabers I was talking to my friend Ed and he was telling me to use Maxx C this format. While I see the use in Maxx C I never really liked the card cause it doesn't actually stop anything, sure it can net you some major +'s if all goes well but at least veiler stops something. Though I might take his advice and tech in one as it does sound very good, but with all things in yugioh proper testing is needed. One last thing while I am still talking about techs is that about smashing ground. I talked about this card in a recent post and how good it was. As an update to that post I still really like the card and am currently running one i want to find room for a second but as of right now there is no room.

On to the last order of business. LightGrunty brought to my attention that the regional that I was planning on attending on September 3rd was pushed back until the 10th. That was fine with me as I still want to do some more testing anyway, I need to feel comfortable with my sabers which I am not feeling right now.

Thanks for reading and I am going to be going to locals on Saturday and I will try to record some duel vids. That is all for today!

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