Monday, August 15, 2011

It's official Tengu has stupified the TCG (review of worlds)

Hey guys! So today I am going to do a review on worlds as a whole. There were alot of questions of North America heading into this worlds, such as: since no established name players made the cut to worlds how would the North America fare? On with the post!

So the cut to top 8 pretty much answered our questions on how North America fared: not good at all. So bad infact not a single person from North America made the cut. Only 2 TCG players actually made the cut. Micheal Gruner of Germany( European Nationals Champion) and Galileo De Obaldia( last years world champion.) I was quite happy to see such established players represent the TCG. But lets look at why nobody from North America made the top 8 cut. Here are a few ideas as to why.
1. The North American reps did not do enough to prepare for worlds and were blinsided by the OCG players.
2.Since worlds used OCG rulings( no priority on monster ignition effects, and when you detach a monster on a Xyz you do not get the effect so no sangan effect.) the TCG players were not familar with this type of play and were once again blinsided.
3. Since the TCG meta is currently dominated by TCG exclusives (Tengu/Tour guide, recruiter) and the OCG was only restricted from using Shooting Quasar dragon which is not absolutley neccasary for junk doppel to have the TCG had to adapt to OCG tier 1.
4. Maybe the North American reps had to play against each other alot lessing their chances of topping.
5. MAIN POINT OF POST ALERT! Since tengu requires so little skill to use and since the TCG meta is so skillless in general the TCG was actually not used to using skillful plays.

The Deck Breakdown
No surprise to anybody junk doppel was the most popular deck with 8 spots, six sams followed next with 6 spots( get it 6 sams with 6 spots lol) and of course it would not be a true premier yugioh event without the now tournament staple: Empty Jar( Paul Cooper and friends rejoice lol) no actually I'm not kidding there was actually a participant using empty jar.

The Top 8
So as I have said before the only TCG reps were Micheal Gruner of Germany and Galileo De Obaldia of Panama. The deck breakdown in the top 8 was:
4 Junk doppel
2 Six Sam
1 Agent
1 Machina
Junk doppel supremacy was no surprise, six sam was also no surprise, I did expect to see at least 1 agent deck in the top 8, and the 1 machina did take for a loop but I guess it is much better than having empty jar in the top 8.

The Top 4
Unfournatley Micheal Gruner did not make it to the top4 beacuse of a game loss because he apparantley took a minute longer than the allotted 3 minutes to side deck. The top 4 consisted of
Murakoshi, Kei ( Japan) with junk doppel
Phanupak, Kongjaroen ( Thailand) with Machina
De Obaldia, Galileo ( Panama) with junk doppel
Ogawa, Takashi ( Japan) with Agents

The Finals
It was Ogawa, Takashi ( Japan) with Agents vs. Murakoshi, Kei ( Japan) with junk doppel
In the end it was Ogawa, Takashi with Agents that won it all. Now there were some people saying that Ogawa stacked, like De Obaldia but from what i understand the judges only gave Ogawa a verbal warning? This seems like a lousy punisment when you are at the most prestigous event in Yugioh. But oh well I will give Ogawa the benefit of the doubt.... for now.

Overall I am pleased with the results. Also take heed of the lesson here: you should not go into any event without aduequate testing and studying of the meta whether it be OCG or TCG meta, the North American reps can tell you all about that if you need to know more. Thanks for reading and if i do find aduqaute facts about Ogawa stacking I will make a follow up post, but for now I do not want to ruin the mood...... for now.


  1. this blog just made me feel even better to be a tcg player

    ocg players get all the breaks at worlds, they are stackers, lie with officials, officials are haters on tcg players, ocg players are mindless idiiots that don't know how to play conservatively, and that world championships just say go ahead ocg just take the title but when a tcg player starts to win worlds say don't you dare i gotta ban what you are playing cuz it's not tcg card game it's us mindless ocg cardgame

  2. i agree completely with what the post above me said and that galileo was so close to being 2 time world champ
    to me ocg players do not exist
    congrats obaldia you deserved to win it again

  3. ^ lol what is this i don't even.

    "to me ocg players do not exist"

    "ocg players are mindless idiots that don't know how to play conservatively"

    Don't be such arrogant tools.

  4. @Anon #1: No players get breaks at rules, why would you say such a sterotype as they are ALL stackers, cheaters,and liars. The OCG has many great players, just as many if not more than the TCG. The same goes for cheaters both metas have them. This format is quite mindless so does that make the whole TCG mindless idiots? So why would it make the OCG mindless idiots, please rethink would you have just said.

    @Anon #2: How do OCG players not exist? Do I need to explain more?

    @Both Anons: Please don't say such irrrational and irresponsible things, it just makes you both look bad.

  5. You know what ? I think they all did great, Ocg Or Tcg. I am glad they did the best they could to reach the top. I'm nowhere as good as them but, hey, i'm not giving up!!! let's all get along :) Reese M.

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