Thursday, August 25, 2011

A nifty little tech card

Hey guys! So today i am going to discuss a tech card that can go into any deck( not just my beloved X-sabers.) The card is Smashing ground!
IRONIC SIDE NOTE: So after testing this card ou for about a week last night I look on ARG's website I see that Jeff Jones discussed this card lol.

 I have been testing this card for about a week now and have loved the results. From a X-Saber standpoint it destroys those big boss monsters so you have more time to set up then go off next turn. From other deck standpoints it gets rid of big monsters in a quick and easy way. Now this card isn't good in all decks. Infact it is only good in a select few. x-sabers are a prime example of this statement. a deck that doesn't NEED their protective backrow to win bu has a hard time dealing with big monsters. For decks that already have a easy time shoving boss monsters on the field (agents, lightsworn, etc) they can already just run over their monsters already. sure the card does have faults like not really doing anything to stop your opponent from summoning these boss monsters but it can help you make a comeback next turn.

Plain and simple the card provides an out to just about every monster you can think of ( barring kristyia.) But like I said you need to play this card only in a deck that can maximise the effectivness of this card and build off the one for one that this card provides( X-Sabers, and stun decks that got hurt by heavy coming back) also decks that don't really have a boss monster ( Blackwings, is that all?) I know that this card has its faults but the versatility that smashing provides can not be understated. So try it out and see how you like it!
Lastly don't forget that tour guid first turn provides a 2500 beater and effect vieler, smashing gets rid off the monster pressure so you can focus on the vieler.

Thanks for reading!


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