Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The beginning of the end

Hey guys! It seems that Rescue Rabbit is living up to its hype of becoming the next broken card. I was just roaming around shriek the other day and I happened to find a very interesting decklist( just scroll down until you see a deck labled Rabbit Ragia.) Now after taking a look at that decklist you know know that konami has made a big mistake and all of those people who said that this card was balanced(myself included) are now wrong. Sure this deck did come in second place but this is only the start. Rescue Rabbit has just come out in the ocg and already a broken deck has come out using its power. In my view this deck is only a prototype of what the "perfect Rescue Rabbit" decklist will look like when we are in the middle of the next format. So you might be asking yourself what is the point of this post? Well the point is quite simple: get ready for rabbit format(in the TCG). We have until november to prepare and look for ways to stop this demented rabbit.

I will admit that I was wrong. When I first took a look at this card I thought is was balanced but after more and more combos started surfacing with this card absolutley breaking this card I realized that Rescue Rabbit is the next broken card more so then its feline counterpart. So prepare cause Rabbit Raiga is coming to a Regional near you.


  1. i wish but no you are blowing this whole thing out of prportion there are three dominant five to 4 dominant decks in ocg
    first angents, then darkworlds, gadget {tg, offering, etc.}then blackwings {vayu, whirldwind}, junk doppel is not that good as plants are here
    i wish rabbit was the dominant deck but it is too inconsistent i would put it below junk doppel in ocg trust me it's good if only alot of players plait it easily tier 2 or 3 though
    i wish everyone would drop their agents and darkworlds to play this!

  2. @Anon: I guess you are right i was just surprised to see a deck using rescue rabbit so you are probably right, but who knows maybe the next banlist will change some things in the game.

  3. I think Konami need to realize that 'actively special summoning monsters from your deck during your Main Phase' is something too good. Urgent Teleport, Rescue Cat, Summoner Monk, else?