Thursday, August 18, 2011

The staple that used to be (or still is) Solemn Warning

Hey guys! I am doing a yugioh discussion today about Solemn Warning.
SIDE NOTE: X-Saber posts will start back up next week.

So with a new format comes new ideas and possiblities for different decks and old ones alike. With the return of heavy and 3 MST this format has alot of backrow hate. Where it used to be okay to run 10+ traps and get away with it is no longer okay or wise. Just taking one look at the banlist and you can see that fast aggressive decks take center stage and slower anti meta decks now take a back seat. With all of these aggressive decks running around in the Meta it seems like a no brainer that you run solemn Warning, ah but alas it is not so easy.

Chainable traps are much better in a format with so much backrow hate and solemn warning is by no means a chainable trap. But Solemn warning provides so much control over the board and allows you to set your opponent back and make them play at your pace, all for the cost of 2000 life points. BUT we agin go back to the point of so much backrow hate. you could use starlight road but with 3 MST it is not very probable, no trap is safe in a format like this one. But is solemn warning exempt from this staement? Is it worth running for it to work that one time and win you the game and have it be blown away all of the other times. Lets look at it this way since OTK decks are going to be the meta now solemn warning naturally stops them but since the decks main focus is to OTK they are going to run the full amount of back row hate allotted in this case 3 MST and 1 heavy. And setting more than 2 cards in a format with heavy is a bad idea so...

What could you run instead of solemn warning? Nothing can really accomplish the same goal but some cards can stall an OTK.
1. Threaning roar: This card is chainable, it can stop OTK's for a turnm and give you time to fight back.
2. Compulsary Evacuation device: It is chainable, it can stall an opponent for a turn, but it doesn't really work if the opponent has multiple monsters.
Those are the 2 main replacements for solemn warning. Both don't really do the same thing they really only prolong your problem. But they both are always going to be live because of their chainablity.

Lets look at another factor in solemn warning. The life points. Sure you only need 1 to win but with all decks now having a massive easy to summon boss monster life points now matter. Lightsworns have JD, Agents have hyperion and kristyia, and now every deck has acess to the worst of them all BLS. No matter what happen 1 thing is for certain people are going to find ways to splash BLS into everything they play, the easiness of summon, the free monster removal, the aggressive attack twice ability. BLS has all of that attachted to a 3000 body. If you play 1 warning just 2 BLS strikes will kill you and if you warning their BLS they still haven't normal summoned. Also BLS has a OTK to go with him: BLS + honest can attack into any monster 2000 atk or higher and as long as your opponent only has that one 2000 atk or higher monster on the field you lose. Scary huh. That means late game I can have a good synchro monster and be ready to attack for game next turn only to have my opponent summon BLS and use honest and win. And we go back to our orignal argument with so much backrow hate you have no protection from this.

So lets talk about the amin point of this post to play solemn warning or not to play that is the question. If you play it you have the possiblity to control the tempo of the game but you risk a mst and low life points in a game where 3000 atk is the norm. If you use any of the replacemnts mentioned you only draw out and prolong your problem but you can chain making them use up some back row hate. Discuss in the comments would you use solemn warning in this format. Also this doesn't just go for warning this goes for mirror force and any other non chainable trap. Thanks for reading.


  1. i wouldn't use it

  2. they shoulda banned honest then broight back bls it just is a smarter move

  3. no u can't afford to lose a single life point cuz of honest bls otk in tcg u have 4 sangans to search honest and gold sarc for bls

  4. I will run only 1 solemn warning.

  5. I think alot of it depends on the deck. If you are playing something that needs a bit of a slower pace you might want to run this (sabers come to mind) but if you are running something explosive that requires a short set up (LS for example) it seems like Threatening Roar will be a better call.

    I think alot of this format will be defined by baiting out Heavy Storms and MST's before you set up "good" traps. And I think some of the key ways to do this will be to set 2 at a time, with one being chainable and the other being a non chainable power trap. Something like Threatening Roar and Warning or Call of the Haunted and Mirror Force at the same time. If they Storm you get to block (with Roar) or get a plus (Call into Sangan, Trooper, etc.) If they MST then you get to keep one of your Traps and hopefully that will keep them from killing you