Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tour Guide=Tengu?

Hey guys! So I lied on my last post. I am posting again! Today I will discuss a idea I have had for a while. Is Tour guide the new tengu? I was looking on the YCS Indy top 16 decklists and I saw that 6 of the 8 Tengu plant decks also used 3 tour guide in their main in addition to the 3 tengu. So this leads to the discussion is tour guide the new tengu? With Xyz's offically out tour guide becomes much better, what used to be a plus 1 and you would have to wait for sangan to die before you got another plus now becomes an instant plus 2 all by just summoning tour guide sp sangan Xyz summmon into a rank 3(usually levair) then detach sangan for another plus, you could potentially go farther in this combo by using levair effect to get back your removed lonefire for another plus. The worst this combo can be is either solemned, warninged, or by using effect veiler. At its best it is a plus 3. Tengu does mostly ther same thing, by always summoning another tengu you take the -1 out of synchro summoning and that leaves the door open for even more synchro summoning.

 Now that you see the combos you can also see that both cards share the same major flaw: if you draw multiples of either that means bad news. Also tour guide has the added hinderance of being able to be effect veiled. Also tour guide can't be used like tengu in the way that tengu can be used for a minor push rather that exploding. But maybe that is what makes tour guide and tengu so good in the same deck! It used to be that if you played junk doppel you would either go off or do next to nothing. The same goes for tengu plants you could do very good plays and always be able to do something but you could never explode like junk doppel could. now lets add tour guide into tengu plants with Xyz's being legal. Now in tengu plants you have the ablity to get plus 3or 4 all the while having acess to the best flaoter ever: Tengu. In my view tour guide gives tengu plants the one thing that they lacked: the explosivness of junk doppel. You can now do your minor pushes with tengu or explode with tour guide.

I was talking over this idea with some of my friends and they mostly agreed, but one of them said " but tour guide has a dependancy on sangan where tengu has no depndacy other than itself, and you have to run sangan with tour guide making it a 4 card engine." While that stament is true I started to think about that statement in depth and came to this conclusion: Sure this tour guide engine does have its flaws but that is like saying that you will not run tengu just beacuse you have the chance to draw 2 or 3 in your opening hand, also if you don't have a sangan in your deck then you could just bring out another tour guide with tour guide and summon levair to get back lonefire which is still a decent play, in regards to the second part of the statement, running sangan in your deck is in no way a hinderance to your deck. Sangan is a floater and can search anything in the plant engine. Also we still have hyper librarian in this game to give players tons of draw power, so the tengu/tour guide deck is very frightning indeed.

So to wrap up this post tour guide does NOT equal tengu but instead tour guide complements tengu very well. On a side note I am going to be posting back to my regular schedule, I will post lol( its like an addiction... just kidding) So thanks for reading and stay tuned to the blog, also over 1,000 pageviews thanks to all my readers and continue reading I will try to not dissapoint in my posts!

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