Sunday, December 4, 2011

Updated Saber deck

Yes that is my updated saber list it went 4-1 at locals(didn't top 8 because of bad tie breakers). It has a good matchup against agents and karakuri. Strong rouge matchup as well, I haven't tested extensively against plants, dark world, or dino rabbit. Still I won a match against plants so the matchup isn't to bad. The main difference from the last list to this one is the rai-oh's. In my testing the problem that occurred the most was that I had no way to grind for advantage and everything was more set try to set up or summon boggart and go for a aggressive play. The rai-ohs allow me to hold resources until i need them. Plus rai-oh is good lol.

Maxx C was cut down to 2, it clogged to much at 3. You might be asking why no e-con, reason is that in my testing is was quite underwhelming. It never really helped me and I alwys wished it was something else, sure I know that it has utility but traditionally I never really play e-con in my sabers because I never find it helpful. I instead opted to play D-prsion and that card puts in work. I was never sorry I drew that card infact it worked so well I am considering swapping bottomless for another prision. The bottomless is still good though it all really depends on player preference. Also I could only fit 1 mst in the main(I side the other 2) I kinda wanted to main 2 mst but alas I wasn't able to but it hasn't really hurt me, I have never missed that second mst(except in dark world macthup, but then again dark worlds almost always have a stellar game 1 and a lackluster game 2-3). All in all the deck is good and if you like sabers give the deck a try.

It may seem like I rushed this post and indeed I did. I wanted to get this post out there since I have some exams coming up this week and I am unsure of my ability to update the blog as much as I would like to in the coming week. I do still have a few things planned and some interesting discussions I wish to talk about so hopefully I can find some free time in my busy school schedule.

Also thank you for the 7,000+ pageviews that 10,000 mark is ever closer! Thanks for reading!

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