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September 2011 banlist: what I think.

WARNING: Long post prepare to use your eyes

Hey guys! So I am going to be review the September 2011 banlist. I have had time to sit down and think hard about konami has done so here it is!

First here is the new banlist for those of you who did not read my last post.

New Bans:

Fishborg Blaster
Mind Master
Giant Trunade
Royal Oppression

New Limiteds:

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En
T.G. Hyper Librarian
Debris Dragon
Formula Synchron
Lonefire Blossom
Heavy Storm
Primal Seed
Shien's Smoke Signal
Pot of Avarice

New Semi-Limiteds:

Summoner Monk
Necro Gardna
Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier
Destiny Draw
Swords of Revealing Light
Mind Crush
Call Of The Haunted

New Unlimiteds:

Judgment Dragon
Spirit Reaper
Overload Fusion
Mystical Space Typhoon
Gravity Bind
Icarus Attack

Fishborg Blaster: I have always said that this card needs to go to one. Now that konami has banned it I am very happy, it is to broken of a card and combined with formula it has no cost to sp it. I think this is a well deserved ban.

Mind Master: This card should have been banned a while ago it allows psychics to throw their entire deck onto the field with no setup. This is a well deserved and long overdue ban.

Giant trunade: All of my readers know I feel about this card. This was partically new age cold wave, this card simply ment OTK. we have a much more fitting replacemant as well, more on that later.

Royal Oppression: This is the one ban that I am strongly against. This card punished mass special summoning which is one of the factors that have helped to make this game so sacky. Now outside of solemn warning we really have no answer to mass special summoning and OTK decks can run rampant. Though special summoning a bunch of monsters then flipping this is not good Yugioh so maybe that is why they hit it.


BLS: I kinda figured, I don't really agree with this as now any deck that can run light and darks have 4 choas sorcs.

LSS Shein: This was one limit that needed to happen. When this card was at 3 6 sams could just put 2 of these out on the first turn and it was almost an auto win, one is bad enough on the first turn and now players will have to think of when to summon their only shien.

T.G Hyper Librarian: I personally wanted this banned but I figuered that wasn't going to happen so limiting it was the next best thing. Again You should only have to see one of these in a duel and if you can get rid of it you can never see it again, and one is really all you need to win anyway.

Debris Dragon: I agree with the limit. This card was just way to spamable, this plus dandy= b rose and 2 tokens, this needed to go to 1.

Formula Synchron: This card had to go to 1 or I was going to rage. It is bad enough that it is a tuner but you draw a card as well! Sure with fishborg blaster it is less spamable, but we still have dandy, spore, and glow up.

Lonefire Blossom: Another well deserved hit. The plant engine was just becoming way to spamable, and although I would have hit dandy or glow up bulb over this, hitting lonefire will do and will slow down plant decks quite a bit.

Heavy Storm: THANK YOU KONAMI. The setting of 4 backrow and summoning a monster is no more! Sure that this card can lead to OTK's but this game needs this card to survive.

Primal Seed: This has to do with BLS so I guess it should go to 1?

Sheins Smoke Signal: No deck should have 4 rotas. While this does hurt the consistency of six sams they still have united and gateway which are 2 very broken cards.

Pot of Avarice: This will make players think before using their monsters as they can't use them to get them right back. A well deserved limit.

Semi Limited:

Summoner Monk: With Xyz's this really should have stayed at 1 but it really wasn't doing anything either. This card at 2 is a unnesacary risk.

Tragodia: This card should have styaed at 1. All you have to do is look at this list and realize that twilight is coming back and this card is just one of those factors, at least gadgets have a new toy.

Necro Gardna: Just another factor in konamis pursuit to bring back twlight. This card deserved to stay at 1, period.

Dewolren: No more using this and symbols, needed to be done.

Destiny Draw: Finally this card is semi limited, honestly this card is quite balanced as you have to use sub par monsters with this card.

Swords of revling light: Part of konami's agenda to help stall decks, this card hasn't seen play in a long time so I think this semi is okay. If the format is so sacky you could always use this! I really hope it doesn't come to that.

Mind Crush: I like this card at 2 as it does require some skillful play and right calls so it is okay, also it is a good side deck card.

Call of the haunted: I would have been just fine with this if reborn had been banned but since that is not the case the last thig we need more of is generic reivival.


Judgment dragon: This card should have stayed at 2 period. With this twlight decks just got a whole lot more sacky, in the future I see me having a game winning field only to have my opponent rip this off of the top of his deck and win, bad idea konami.

Spirit Reaper: Stall decks just love this list, I am okay with this at 3 all it really does is stall which is okay.

Overload fusion: another unnescary risk. i understand this card saw no play at 1 or 2 but 3 just seems to be asking for a OTK.

MST: With heavy back and MST at 3 control decks are shadows of their former selves. We went from having to little back row hate to too much, now not even starlight road can save you. But in all honesty MSTis a really balanced card so i am okay with this but I am still worried about this format being very OTK happy.

Megamorph: Read overload fusion.

Gravity Bind: More of konami pushing thier stall deck agenda, but again with so much back row hate and Xyz's I don't see this card being a problem at 3.

Icarus Attack: Finally Blackwings have a reason to go on in the TCG, this won't propel blackwings to tier 1 but it does help them quite a bit.

What This list accomplishes:

1. No more backrow spam
2. Plants are not as fast. still good but not as fast
3. Sams consistency was hurt and their boss monster can only be used once, I expect thier monster count to rise.
4. No more sacky plays with trunade
5. Formula can no longer be spammed so easily and the pot of greed combo with libaraian can only be used once.
6. Mind master is finally gone hopefully forever.

What this list fails to do
1. It doesn't do anything to any of the OCG decks (rescue rabbit, dark world) and once they hit TCG shores they will dominate our meta.
2. It fails to stop tengu the main problem card this format ( in the TCG) so expect decks that revolve around (like plants) to still be good. Tengu spam here we go.
3.Tour guide and sangan will still dominate our meta, and this list changes nothing in regards to that.
4. It fails to hurt agents in any way! This is a major problem hyperion sheniagnas are still well and alive. I expect this deck to completly dominate at least the first half of the format.

What I think about this list:
Overall i apporve of almost every hit( besides oppression) but the semi limited necro, the unrerstricted JD, and the limited BLS, not to mention the unrestricted Choas Sorc, will evolve into somethig much bigger, twlight tier 1, maybe. This list does not hurt Tengu so decks that revolve around him will thrive. Plants will be slower but still good( maybe even still tier 1 but I think tier 1.5). The end of any deck that used fishborg( water synchro, formula monarch) are at hand. Agents are a very viable deck and suffered no hits despite winning worlds. Gravekeepers suffered no hits but with heavy back and MST to 3 Gravekeepers are still very hurt by this list, maybe tier 1.5 but with wonder wand who knows. Six Sams have to run more monsters and with only 1 shien will be a less sacky deck, I will place them at tier 1.5 as well. Tech genus are the same as gravekeeper but perhaps they got hurt even more than GK's, their whole stargety was to set 4-5 backrow and summon a monster. I can tell you right now that way of life is no longer viable. GB's are good at the beggining of every format and I still think they will be good but again all control decks suffer with the return of heavy and mst at 3. X-Sabers are quite frightning. They did not get hit 1 time on the whole list I expect them to return to tier 1 status for at least if not more than the first half of the format. With the OCG just getting darksoul i expect sabers to get hit next format.

The list as a whole is good but they just missed alot of things, I am just holding on to that samll sliver of a chance that tengu will get semi limited by the time the list comes to the TCG. Thanks for reading.

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