Saturday, August 27, 2011

The dice roll debate

Hey guys! I am here today to talk about if this format is another dice roll format( I am sorry to say but it is, at least in the TCG.) so lets get right to it.

After testing extensively for my next regional on september 3rd I have come to a conclusion, this is another dice roll format. Even with heavy and effect vieler being staples the dice roll is more important than ever. Allow me to explain: Player A and player B both are are playing a deck with tour guide and they both open with 1 tour guide, neither player opens with effect vieler or any other card that can stop effects. Player A goes first and summons tour guide and summons sangan, then he Xyz's summon into levathian dragon and detaches sangan to search for effect vieler and then ends his turn. Now lets look who is in a better spot. Player B still has the tourguide in hand but since player A searched for vieler that tour guide is now useless. Now try this example ( both players are using a tour guide deck.) player A opens with mind crush and now tour guide, player B opens with tour guide and no mindcrush and both players didn't open with vieler.

Player A goes first and sets mind crush( he could also do other things like summon monster but let's keep it simple.) Player B summons tour guide Xyz's into levathian searches vieler, then player a flips mind crush and calls out vieler and player B loses his vieler. So now all player A has to deal with is a 2500 beater.

Sure heavy storm can solve the backrow problem but in example A no backrow was used and in example 2 player A could have chained mind crush and called out tour guide thier fore enforcing the dice roll.tour guide has single handidly made this a dice roll format. Sure vieler can always stop a tour guide when your opponent goes first but if you always have vieler in your opening hand then I assume you are stacking.

Now what about if the two players facing each other are not playing a deck with tour guide in it, then what happens? Well the dice roll doesn't have as much impact in that case since defensive traps like warning and d-prision are gone thanks to heavy and 3 mst your combos can still go off even on your second turn provided that your opponent doesn't have a vieler. But lets think rationally for a minute here in the TCG almost all tier 1 decks include tour guide( I do not count lightsworn/twilight as a tier 1 deck if I am proven wrong in the future about this than shame on me for my ignorance.) so that means at sanctioned events    regionals, YCS) the dice roll will matter and that goes for ANY time you face a tour guide deck.

Now lets look into example 2 a bit more in this example Player A did not have a tour guide but had a mind crush. When the vieler was searched he got rid of it so the tour guide play only accomplished a 2500 beater.         ( which isn't bad just not great.) mind crush can either be used to solidify the fact you won the dice roll by getting rid of searched cards or help allivieate the fact that you lost the dice roll by setting and getting rid of vieler. But of couse you have to set it first which pretty much makes you not do any combos on your first turn cause you know they have vieler, so you still lose out by not winning the dice roll.

Of course you could try to play around the veiler but if you are up against a person with the same or better skill level of you then you now that is not possible. That last sentence brings up a good point if two people play against each other and they are both of the same skill level then it really comes down to who drew better.

I am not saying that this format is bad( it sin't good either) but I just wanted to say that winning the dice roll still plays a big part in the outcome of the match. Thanks in part to tour guide. Also I am not sure in the OCG if my statement is true or not as they don't have tour guide but it still could be i really don't know. As always thanks for reading! BTW thanks to all my readers for getting me to 2000 pageviews, you guys are great!

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  1. I just checked the list of Regionals on the North American Yu-Gi-Oh site. It appears as though they updated the list yesterday and there are no longer any Regionals on September 3.

    The Regional I was planning on going to on that date got pushed back, so I'm just letting you know in case that happened to your Regional as well.