Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's official TCG Xyz ruling has been revoked

Hey guys! Urgent news I was looking at the new 8.0 rulebook on the konami website and it said that Xyz materials are not treated as being on the field! I then find out that other bloggers have wrote about this ):  Oh well, the point is this format is now going to be quite good, I have found out that this format is actually  much more skillful in the way that of managment of power cards. More on that on another post. You can find a link to the article here. Happy dueling!


  1. no!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hey cameron how many tourduides do i maindeck now!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cool, thats great!!! =), now that we know sangan and tengu don't get their effects, what about cards like darksoul and dandylion?

  3. @Anon:I am actually quite flattered that you would ask me this question. lol. Anyway depends on what deck you are running, tour guide is still a good card just not tier 0 If you are running a deck that has stuff to do with choas the tour guide engine is still very good for the dark count. But honestly tour guide can't just be splashed into any deck now. To answer your question though I personally would run 3 or none. Tour guide is still a one card rank 3 Xyz, it still fetches sangan out of your deck like I said it is not just that broken but is still the best dark engine to run. Hope I helped (:

  4. @ Anon#2: Me running a X-Saber deck I have to know all of the x-saber rulings, and I can say for a fact that darksoul WILL NOT get its effect when detached ( like goblin zombie) since darksoul has to be a card you control meaning it must be on the field. in regards to dandylion it WILL get its effect as dandy can be sent to the graveyard from anywhere(deck, field hand) to get its effect. Hope I helped (: