Monday, August 22, 2011

X-Saber discussion part 2: Number of copies

Hey guys! So I haven't posted in a while. I have been real busy, I just got a new computer and am going to hook it up so this might be my last post on this computer! Anyways on to relevant stuff I have been testing my x-sabers out for a while now and have much more insight on how they play so today I am going to talk about the number of copies of each card I play. Please discuss and give your views plus advice thanks!

1. Boggart knight: I have seen people use 3 of this and I do see why. it is a beefy 1900 beater with a good effect, but its draw back is it can only be used for a synchro summon of a x-saber monster which until we get souza we can only use urbellum(which is sub par) which only has 2200 atk, at least souza has 2500. But boggarts knight's true purpose is to get faultroll out fast and consistentinly(bad spelling). But with only two faultroll you have to think about the usefullness of three boggart knight. Also darksoul searches everything out so you always have the right x-saber at the right time. I find it just right to include 2 boggart knight, it is never a dead draw at this number and since it synchro ablities are limited the only real jobs it has is to beat face and/or bring out fautroll. Also effect veiler is around.

2. Faultroll: Speaking about fautroll he is my next choice of discussion. At first X-sabers were a fast OTK style esque deck and with gottoms you could make your opponent go handless. Now X-sabers are much more of as set up first then go off type of deck. I have always liked 2 faultroll you get it just when you need it, that is another thing thanks to darksoul you can afford to run 2 of your key monsters cause they are all searchable. Anyways fautroll is rarely a dead draw at 2 and is your signal for going off. Good stuff.

3. Emmersblade: I honestly will always run this at 3 it is very good and adds to the toolbox theme of X-sabers.

4. Darksoul: Do I honestly need to explain this.

5. Fuhelmnight: At first glance you can afford to run 2 of this but once you play the deck and realize what a key monster this is you need to play 3.

6.Passhul: It is very good at 2 bad at 3 and inconsistent at 1. Running 2 allows you to run reinforce truth which is very good card and it's chainable!

7. Airbellum: with cat gone their is no reason to run any more than 1.

8. Hyunlei: This is one of the most interesting topics imo. I personally think 1 is enough in your extra deck. With so much backrow hate in X-Sabers now(2-3 mst, heavy) and people setting alot less because of it the days of you getting plus 2 off of this card are gone. It is now most of the time a one for one. Sure it is very nice to have but I have cut this down to 1 and have not missed the second.

9. Gottoms E Call: I am currently running 2. It is chainable as long as you have a X-Saber on the field. Also the monsters don't die during the endphase so you can summon back a emmersblade for your opponent to attack into, or on your turn you can bring back fuhelm knight and darksoul to get a search. A very versatile card.

So that is all for today I will have much more content on the new format soon including my observations while testing for my upcoming regional next month. Thanks for reading!

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  1. i am currently running 0 airbellum but 1 ragi instead.

    simply because :

    Boggart into Ragi, retrieve Faultroll, drop Faultroll ss Pashul from grave , make Trishula :D Too strong. Ragi is decent with GEC

    I would run 3 faultroll and 2 GEC + 2 Call of the Haunted this format.

    May bump GEC to 3 if its not situational. Call is good because they try to MST / Breaker you, and you chain to Darksoul, you gain ridiculous advantage. Having 3 sangans in a deck is broken!