Monday, August 29, 2011

Okay tour guide has officially made me mad

Hey guys! So you could say I am in a bad mood for two reasons. I will devulge more in the post ( I bet you can guess one of the reasons by the title of the post.)

So I have finished my second testing session ( some of it was with the team, some on DN, full analysis in a later post.) I am not pleased with the results. i was feeling very confident with X-Sabers latley and I guess something needed to bring me back down to earth. in this case it came in the form of a card, but not just any card a card called Tour guide of the underworld.

Everything that plays this card is good. Thanks to this BLS and veiler you now have a explosive play, a boss monster and a way to stop your opponents turn. kinda broken. Without a doubt tour guide is the strongest opening move this game has ever seen. If you are playing a non tour guide deck ( which is quite unheard of, since everyone and their mother is playing tour guide.) and your opponent succesfully resolves tour guide then just say gg. the game has once again became cetrailized by tour guide, if you are not playing it prepare to lose alot. Michael Bonnacini has posted about this as well and we he said on that post I couldn't agree more.

Teledad was like this as well if you were not playing it prepare to lose. i am so tired of konami's bullshit I have almost reached my breaking point. i won't quit infact that hasn't even crossed my mind but I honestly don't know what i am going to do. But this centralization hasn't just been in the TCG the OCG is going through much of the same phase with TG agents. I had high hopes for this format but it seems my optimisim has once again failed me. I honestly should never get excited about any banlist ever again until I see the effect.

I will continue to play X-sabers for this format no matter what i refuse to play Tour guide in anything i play (partly cause my hate is so strong for tour guide and partly cause I sold the two that i had.) All of this centrelization comes from a few things.
1. in the TCG the ruling for XYZ
2. In the TCG the printing of tour guide
3. In both metas not hitting stuff that needed to be hit( like agents and the now apparent sangan.)

I we had the ruling like the OCG about Xyz's then I would't have even written this post as the tour guide play would be good not tier zero. Also I realize why BLS was banned in the first place. i should have realized these things sooner, i am sorry for my ignorance.

But in all honesty I think that this whole tour guide experiance has helped me grow as a person and a player. I stopped being optimistic about konami and saying they have a reason for everything and now i realize that they don't have a reason for even half of the things they do. Also from this point forward I will be extremly critical about konami and their utter incompatence at printing TCG exclusives and cards in general. In the OCG it is not as bad but if they had hit agents it would have benefitted both metas greatly. Like I said before I am not going to quit playing at all. I am still going to be playing competitvley this format just without tourguide. I might as well change the title of this post to konami has pissed me off. And to think that we (players) were arguing over heavy storm coming back or not, that was the least of our problems.

Okay off that note and on to the second point of business. Most of you will disregard this section like it is nothing but for my teamates and freinds that are reading this this will mean something ( I hope lol.) One of the first people that I met when I first started playing competitvely (he was the same age as myself) and he was one of the first people that joined my team has decided to quit. I found this out yesterday, i was sad to say the least. Him and I taught each other new stuff we learned from the game and we were happy to share our new decks with each other and new ideas as well. We each grew as players from our lessons from one another. Maybe you could count this as the main reason as to why I am not quitting playing competitvley: because I want to meet more people like him.  It is too bad we will never meet at another regional. or play at another local. But that is why yugioh is a amazing game, because you meet some really great people. Garret if you are reading this I hope the saying hold true that you never truly quit the game of yugioh because if you decide to come back Team CrimsonRaiders will have a spot open for you to join back.

Wow that was quite mushy. I also insulted konami but kinda praised them in the same post....weird. Anyways thanks for reading and give me some feedback on how you feel about tour guide and the metagame as it is know. Thanks!

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