Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The X-Saber discussion part 3: Rabbit!

Wait I'am doing this segment again, but I haven't done this segment in over a month (actually I haven't wrote anything for a month). Hey guys! So as you have known my favorite deck of this format is X-saber, I really believe the deck has some potential, and my deck list will be up soon. But I will be discussing certain match-ups and you must combat these certain challenges . Moving on!

It takes X-Saber roughly 2 turns to set up decently. Rabbit decks pride themselves on getting in on the early game and resolving a first turn rabbit. The worst possible situation is a first turn dolkka, not lagia, dolkka. Lagia can be baited dollka screws over your entire early game and ruins everything. It is honestly very hard to combat this and there is no ace in the whole that gets you out of that situation. But there are certain cards that can get you out of that situation, bottomless trap hole is honestly a staple in sabers I have come to find out, the solemn brigade really any good defensive trap can help you stop rabbit from ever going off. Unfortunately though if you do not have any of the said cards you might just have to take a loss.

There is a bright side to all of this! The rabbit player has about a 39% chance of getting rabbit on his/her first turn, other than that tour guide is another viable option for a first turn play. Luckily sabers have a nice time dealing with her. It gives a extra turn to set up, like I said the first two turns are the most critical  for the saber player. By turn 2 you could be able to sycnchro or use emersblade or darksoul to establish a hand or field presence and from there it is all over. ( I am assuming that you know what to search and can play the deck correctly). Even that rabbit that they searched with sangan cannot help them. If they opened with nether of those two cards the game is parcticaly yours as long as you play right, rai-oh really isn't that hard to handle, boggart crashes and with the monster you special summoned you can make up for the loss of boggart.  Of course it can hurt some time, but remember as long as you draw a decent hand you should be able to deal with rai-oh heck I even side rai-oh in sabers.

A slightly heaver trap lineup goes a long way for sabers, 2 bottomless, the solemn brigade, torrential, mirror force, dustshoot, 2 gottoms e call, reinforce truth really that is the whole trap lineup with a more defensive orented trap lineup and a less combo oriented one you can handle most threats and still not be vulnerable to heavy. In reality this is the worst matchup for sabers but it can be winnable some good tips to victory in this matchup are:
1. Go aggro early: even if that means a loss of set up, but don't attack right into a sangan if you cannot deal with rabbit, its like gorz if you can't deal then don't attack. Once you have sycnchroed then fo a little more aggro
2. Focus on sycnhro summoning: It really does work, but don't compromise a won game for you to run into a bottomless, if can get a good early game then the rest is history,

You might be asking how do you get a good early game well: Maxx C is good for this role, sabers are king in search power and maxx c can net you cards which gets you to your powwer cards early, effect veiler is just as important, infact hand traps are precious to a saber player if have a emmersblade or a darksoul and you have a hand trap you are in a good position, sabers can adapt sure Maxx C is good when sabers go for that push but it is very bad when they are setting up it is very useless, so your opponents are not good all of the time and usually by the time they are good it is too late. NEVER WASTE A HAND TRAP.

Use wind up zenmaines! I know budget players cry but this card puts in work, if your opponent won't attack into a emmersblade then summon a another level 3 (sabers have tons of them) and XYZ into this guy, don't worry it will make up for the setting up that you lost by putting alot of pressure on your oppeonent, use that time to grind for advantage with darksoul or you could go a little agro with boggart, but don't over due it.

All in all practice wityh this deck you have to know when to do things at the correct time when piloting sabers, these are some general tips when playing sabers and what action to take when you know the time is right, play conservative but not so conservative that you don't know when to go off, when playing a rabbit deck it is a battle of early game andwhosever is better usually wins so make it be yours!

I hope this helped, more discussions like this coming soon and a decklist coming soon!

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