Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Results of testing: Lightsworn are over hyped

Hey guys! So after spending a day to get my new computer up and running I am now ready to post again. Also since my last computer was quite weird in the way that it didn't let me post videos or pics onto this blog now you can expect some picture of the team once I actually get a decent picture with all of us. Okay on to the point here. So in preparation for my September 3rd regional I went to do some play testing with my X-Sabers since it is the first major event I will be taking them to.
SIDE NOTE: I was lucky that most of my team members have different decks right now so i got to test against a wide range of decks.

Agents ( no tour guide): With X-sabers it is a pretty even match. It honestly comes down to whoever draws better is the winner provided that you are of the same skill level. The deck is very consistent and hyperion just keeps coming back, also kristyia is the new oppression and if they have valhalla on the field it is practically invinceable provided that you can't get rid of vallhalla. Vielers are very good here cause if you can stop a first turn venus or earth you are in good shape. Also if you vieler their hyperion and you have a backrow or two set that tricks them into not attacking or attacking into something good.

GB's: I consider this my hardest matchup. Sabers are very battle phase reliant thanks to emmersblade. GB's thrive off of this. With esseardari they can summon a a big beater very fast. But on the flip side GB's can't really go off. They are always that slow tempo deck and this format is not a slow tempo format. So basically once you go off they can't do anything. It is really just the early game where it can be hard.

Karakuri: I have always liked this deck. It is very good this format. Last format it was hard to run the deck because karakuri thrived on exploding and one warning/vieler could ruin them. Now you don't have to deal with warning just vieler and you could always mind crush vieler get it wrong discard a karakuri summon gear gerano and get it right back.( or you could machine duplicate that gear gerano if you have 3 karakuris in your grave.)

lightsworn: this was the deck that I was most wanting to see in action. It did not exceed my expectations infact it lowered my expectations. That's not to say that you shouldn't take the deck into consideration when sidedecking. With lightsworn games go 1 of 3 ways.
1. they do nothing the whole game and just sit there cause they didn't get any good mills or they got a bad hand.
2. They grind out some +'s with celestia and make some minor aggressive pushes with wulf/jain.
3. They mill really good get tons of draws and +'s summon jd and BLS and OTK you.
All in all they are quite inconsistent and can't play out of any situation once they get into one. But you should still side for them and prepare acccordingly for their OTK's.

Blackwings: I also got to test out against Blackwings. I was actually quite impressed with them. They are very consistent and have easy plus 1's. The main problem is that they don't have a boss monster themselves but can handle other boss monsters quite easily. Icarus attack to 3 really helped them out here.

All in all I really like how X-Sabers play and they have pretty good matchups and alot of tech choices. We will have another testing session soon so i will have more results on that testing session as well. Thanks for reading!


  1. The only deck you should be testing against out of all the decks you listed is Lightsworn. Karakuri gets smashed by Cydra, Threatening Roar, Effect Veiler, and Battle Fader.

    Gladiator Beasts and Blackwings thrive off backrow so I'm not sure why your teammates are using them and if you're worried about them tagging out of your weenies then just use cards like Rai-Oh or Cydra.

    Agents isn't really a deck at equal level with any deck because it's basically a sacky deck just like Lightsworn. They either open with Earth, Vahalla, and co. or they open with two Hyperion and Kristya with random cards.

  2. @ Kamitsure: The only deck that I listed that is actually my temates main deck is agent all of the rest we had already built. In my post I was mostly referring to game 1 matchups. Yes after siding in against most of the decks listed they were signifigantly weaker. our next testing session is going to focus more on the tier 1 decks. This testing session was mostly to try out rouge matchups that we usually get at the first regional of the format.