Tuesday, August 16, 2011

September 2011 Banlist (mixed thoughts)

Hey guys! The banlist is out and I have mixed feelings about the banlist, I feel like konami did a few things right but alot of things wrong, lets get right to it.
SIDE NOTE: I will have a more indepth review tomorrow.


Fishborg Blaster (good job konami)
Mind Master (good job konami)
Giant Trunade (really good job konami)
Royal Oppression (really really bad job konami)


Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning( I kinda figured)
Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En
T.G. Hyper Librarian (good job konami)
Debris Dragon (good job konami)
Formula Synchron ( good job konami)
Lonefire Blossom ( good job konami)
Heavy Storm ( thank you so much konami)
Primal Seed (kinda random)
Shien's Smoke Signal ( good job konami)
Pot of Avarice ( good job konami)

Semi Limited:

Summoner Monk( kinda iffy on this one)
Tragoedia (shoud have stayed at one)
Necro Gardna ( same with trag)
Dewlauren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier (good job konami)
Destiny Draw ( good job konami)
Swords of Revealing Light ( are they trying to get stall decks to return?)
Mind Crush (kinda iffy)
Call Of The Haunted ( I would have been fine with this, if they banned reborn but since they didn't, bad konami)


Judgment Dragon( Bad job konami)
Spirit Reaper ( kinda iffy)
Overload Fusion ( kinda iffy)
Mystical Space Typhoon ( with heavy back at 1 this should have also been limited.)
Megamorph ( kinda iffy)
Gravity Bind ( okay they are trying to bring back stall decks)
Icarus Attack ( what? helping blackwings was konami feeling alright?)

Overall what they did put on this list was good. BUT they missed alot of things. First no reborn? Second they did not hit anything that only the OCG had. Dark Worlds are going to be huge as is rescue rabbit, twilight anybody? I feel that almost all of the hits they did were really good, but they should have put a handle on some OCG cards. Also no warning? Alot to discuss, konami did some good and some bad.

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  1. they cant hit stuff that only the ocg have because they want it to sell well in tcg as it is an upcoming product konami will try keeping the banlist as similar as possible =)

    nah from what i see, players are too lazy to abuse rescue rabbit =( which is sad cos its a great card.

    No warning cos they know ppl will discard it in this type of format.

    ya reborn shld've been banned la