Thursday, August 11, 2011

X-Saber Discussion part 1: Tech Cards

So I was playing with my newfound deck:X-Sabers. After a few matches I realized that in X-Sabers make a large difference in the play style of the deck and are often the cards that define each persons X-Saber deck. The reason I even bring this point up is beacuse too often you see decks( like six sam) have little to no varience in their main decks. Even tengu/tour guide plants really don't have much varience just on the number of copies of cards that they play. I was quite delighted that X-Sabers are a deck that require quite a bit of thought to put together. So I am going to discuss some possible tech choices I could put in.
SIDE NOTE: Don't be afraid to comment, infact I would really appreciate the feedback as I have just started playing sabers and would love to hear from all of my readers about what they think, thanks!
Side Note#2: In my following paragraphs I am discussing playing only 1 copy of each of the cards.

Debris Dragon: I have tested debris dragon a bit and I have liked the results. It is mainly used for summoning darksoul and synchro into black rose to nuke the field, then search. A simple yet effective play. The reason i really like this card though is because of the level. X-Sabers lack a 4 star tuner and even though debris can't be used with level 4 monsters it is still a good way to get out level 7's. Also it is a very good top deck as the black rose play is at least a plus one and the monster you got is a good follow up play for next turn.

Gorz: Gorz is quite common in X-Saber decks and I like it quite a bit, but there is one big reason that I don't like this card. Since Gorz requires an empty field, it almost requires you to run a smaller trap count. I do realize that you can avoid this problem by using smart playing: to a extent. Though I guess you could just run more chainable traps or enemy controller.

Super Nimble Mega Hamster: I do realize that this card is considered a staple to most playing X-Sabers but I still will discuss it. So with super nimble you get to your darksouls faster which in turn means that you get to your other X-Sabers faster as well. Also X-Sabers lack quality level 4 monsters and super nimble helps that problem, I honestly don't have any neagtive things to say about this card!

Sangan: So sangan is always that one monster to consider when playing any deck and X-Sabers are no exception. In my testing with sangan it was emi helpful but the amin problem I ran in to is that whatever sangan does darksoul does better. What I used sangan for was mostly to get to my tech cards faster. But in all honesty when ever I summoned Sangan i could have just sommend a saber and synchroed for hyunlyi(really bad spelling I know) or another synchro giving me pluses or putting me in a good position.

Effect Veiler: Veiler can pretty much be thrown into any deck and be good and while i was playtesting with my freind that ran X-Sabers he also mained a copy( as do most X-Saber players) so I did as well and it worked out quite good, though I did like it better when I sided it in instead of mained it. It was really never dead it just did what veiler does best negate stuff.

Thanks for reading and please discuss i want to hear from all of my readers thanks alot!


  1. hello i am an avid x saber player too as you may or may not know and your post caught my eyes cause its really rare to see players blog about x sabers anymore ;)

    i agree with every of your tech choices except i dislike veiler. well judging from your post, you look like your from the TCG so i guess its a staple or else you will get Tour Guide-ed etc alot.

    But while i was playing X sabers, i found out that 3 duality is a must so i suggest that to you.

    and i would not have enough space to run gorz + 2 debris or 2 veiler. if your playin 1 debris 1 veiler, i strongly advise you to choose one of them and play 2 copies of it. my suggestion would be veiler though. in the ocg here, debris is better, because we dont have stupidxyz rulings and tour guides everywhere.

  2. @Mike: Yea X-Sabers really don't get talked about that often.

    Yes I am from the TCG and I have been playing veiler and it has been hitting tour guide all the time so I play 2 now.

    I will take your advice on that

    Yea I will play 2 veiler

    Thanks alot for your feedback, I really appreaciate it. BTW: I read your blog all the time.