Sunday, July 31, 2011

Locals Report (7-30-11)

Hey guys so yesterday I went to locals(finally). I was happy to finally be able to go as I have just been so busy lately, of course I entered the tourney. When signups were over there was over 50 people that signed up, more than our usual 30-40 so it was a big local.

Format: 5 rounds swiss
Deck used: Six Sam

Round 1: vs newbie Blackwing
Game1: So I was up against a little kid, I wanted to have a challenge but oh well. Anyways first game he blackwhirlwinds and summons kalut then gets gale to go into armor master. My turn i summon shein special kizan and it was all over from there.
Game 2: He summons blackwinged dragon by using kochi and bora and sets a backrow. My turn he flips light inprsioning mirror(WHAT?) anyway I go into trish first turn and then applied beatdown with trish.
Result: 2-0
Record after round 1: 1-0

Round 2: vs Chaos
Game1: I play united then go into shien, I draw into warning and fiendish chain, he attempts to play out of it by playing dimensinal amlchemist then plays book of moon I negate, he plays dark hole it goes through he foolishes into breaker then removes for chaos sorc I warning he sets 2. I play trunade then play reborn to revive shien, i then go into trish with kageki, kagemusha and kizan I remove gorz(score!), then i play double edged and game over.
Game2: we go back and forth but then I think i have but he removes my shien with chaos sorc and I can't draw any outs and lose.
Game3: We go back and forth again but I summon shien and have grandmaster on the field, he only has 2600 life left he tries to go for game with dark armed but I have judgment!
Results: 2-1 (warning really needs to go to 1)
Record after round 2:  2-0
Round 3: vs Machina Gadget( Chris good freind of mine)
Game1: I book his fortress, then summon hand and blow it up, then run over evrything else he has with shien. I think i can win and attack with kageki first but he summons gorz and beats face and wins.
Game2: he has outs to all of my shiens and other summons, he then rams into shien with fotress and goes for game but I mirror force then I draw kagemusha with smoke siganl for kageki and summon catastor andn beat face.
Game3: We go back and forth but then i win with late game trish.
Result: 2-1
Record: 3-0

Round 4: vs Tengu plants(Thomas friend of mine)
Game1:  he goes all tengu and herp derps with libaraian nuff said.
Game2: He tries to synch into libarain with glow up and tengu but i use chain disapperance to get rid of glow up but i don't draw any outs to tengu and lose.
Result: 0-2
Record after round 4: 4-1

Round 5: vs Zombies( Donny another friend of mine)
Game1: I open with gateway does more need to be said?
Game2: I open with d fissure and he has no outs.
Result:  2-0
Record: 4-1

Top 8 here I come!

Top 8: vs Six sam
Game 1: I open with gateway and united and he doesn't does anymore need to be said?
Game2: We both don't open great but then I use puppet plant to take control of kagemusha and synch for shien and beat face.
Result: 2-0 Win!

Top 4: vs gravekeeper
3 of us wanted to do a top 4 split but this guy didn't so we had to keep playing.
Game1: a grind game, he had answers to my plays and I had answers to his until he flipped spy and got decendant and I lost.
Game2: another grind game but i summon trish then double edge( I used mst on his necrovalley) and gradually won.
Game3: Another grind game this one took forever but he gradually got more card advantage on me and won.

Result of Tourney: Top 4 finish

Notes: Pretty good finish I just wish that we could have split but oh well, i still don't like playing with sams it is just that i feel that since I spent money on the deck that I will use it but only till the format is over. Thanks for reading!


  1. nice job even though it had to be sams =>
    let me guess bad hand with gk machup?

  2. @Anon: Yea I really don't like playing sams! But you are right band hand :(