Friday, July 1, 2011

Rabbits, Viruses, nationals, oh my! And konami being smart OH MY!

I like the movie refernce I did, anyway back on topic, yes as you can see from my creative title (or not) I am talking about 4 things First Rescue Rabbit! WEll where do i start, oh yea by saying that this card is balanced. The card requires 2 normal monsters which there aren't many good ones, the first thing that came to mind was HEROS but then I read up on other archtypes and sabers and GB's are also good picks. The thing that makes this card balanced is that you need to  run 3 rescue rabbit and 3 normal monsters which takes up 6 slots and if you get off 1 rescue rabbit in a duel that means that you have 2 dead cards in your deck. This takes up space for possible tech choices. Unless you run pot of avarice you can't take advantage of the other 2 copies in your deck. Now I am not saying that this card is not good but what i am saying is that it takes thought on what the correct number is and waht to do with it if it is dead, which is a challenge that i am sure some duelist will overcome and every duelist will follow suit. But in all of the before mentioned decks I would run this card beacuse it provides and instant exceed. So konami gets one smart pointy for actually making a card balanced.

Second is tribe shocking virus which is also a much better version of tribe infecting virus. First you must banish the card, second the effect can only be used once per turn. I can definatley see this card being used as a solid tech choice or a staple in antimeta decks just beacuse of the control it gives across the board. But I really think that this card is a great side card as it gives you the good matchup against all of the mono type decks out there. Lets name a few: six sam, gk, bw( I know that they are not that popular but hey it works), and all of the other rouge type  mono decks out there. Also you can use the banish'd card to your advantage in HEROS by using the shining. So know konami has 2 smart points
Third is nationals. I will not doing an in depth review, wait I will here it goes. Anything that spams tengu and libaraian=WIN. Six sam=Good, Agents=Solid choice, GK's=So So choice. There is my in depth review, hoped you liked how much work I put into it (:

So to wrap this up konami is actually being smart, very surprising i know and i might actually think they know what they are doing provided we get a decent banlist and not some off the wall who desinged this thing I quit banlist lol. So good luck to everyone who are going to nationals and use my in depth review for a guide to nationals lol.

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