Sunday, July 3, 2011

Six Sam deck update

Hey guys so today i have my six sam deck, despite how much hate I give it saying that I am bored with it and everything, six sams are still my favorite deck of the format so with out any further ado here it is.

Monsters: 13
3 kageki
3 kagemusha
3 kizan
2 elder
1 grandmaster
1 hand

Spells: 19
3 united
3 smoke signal
3 actestism
2 upstart
2 mst
1 dojo
1 gateway
1 reborn
1 rota
1 book

Traps: 9
3 dest
2 warning
1 judgement
1 mirror force
1 opression
1 fiendish chain

So as you can see I use the actestism engine which as long as I play six sams I will use because it just gives the deck alot more options than it had before. There were only a few times that it was ver a dead card and allows me to go into first turn shien quite reliabliy. Not only that but elder is actually a very good card by itself and with it you can actually go for level 8's quite alot, so overall the actesiscm engine just gives me more options. The deck is 41 cards but with the two upstarts they make it a 39 card deck so you could actually add another card in the deck in order to make it 42 but the upstarts will bring the count down to 40. The lone dojo is there just beacuse of extra consistency and it turns sometimes bad hands into good ones, and it game 2 allows me to side one more dojo and squire to combat the chain disappearences. Lastly fiendish cahin is there just beacuse it is such a good utility card. Thanks for reading!

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