Tuesday, July 19, 2011

European WCQ Recap: Tengu takes it all

Hello readers doing good on my promise I will now do a recap on the European WCQ. One side note is that the european covergae team covering this event did a top notch job, they had feature matches from every round, lots of pictures, and of course graphs breaking down the deck distribution for the event. I give my complements to the european coverage team and the North America coverage team could learn a thing or two on how to cover an event, though this is the case almost all the time: the european coverage team does a better job.

So first and foremost if you could not tell by the title tengu plants win it all, no shock there, and gravekeepers came in second which is also not a surprise considering they have a good plant matchup. In the top 16 there were 5 tengu plants, 2 T.G, 2 worms, 2 six sam, 1 gravekeeper, 1 x-saber, 1 dopplesworn, 1 junk doppel, and 1 diaster dragon. Since I pay very close attention to the European meta it did not surprise me at all that and x saber made it considering that the U.K is an x-saber hot spot and 4 of the top 16 players were from the U.K. Again same thing as the North America WCQ: T.G also showed up here with two spots after T.G winning in North America that should no longer come as a shock( or vice versa as if you read the european coverage first it would have come to no shock that T.G won in North America.) Six Sam toppi8ng is old news by now same thing with gravekeeper. Diaster Dragon always has a habbit in topping in European events. Junk doppel was one deck that i expected to have more spots in the top 16, but it appears that the consistency of tengu plants is better than the explosivness of junk doppel decks. doppelsworn did surprise me as when I looked at the list it really did have a legit lightsworn engine 2 lyla, 3 ryko, and 1 jain, so it works ( I have not really looked into this deck as much so I cannot really give my view on the subject.) The 2 worm decks that topped had a splash of anti-meta in them so that is what made them so effective, also couple that with the worm engine and w nebula metorite and you have a solid choice for nationals, just a choice that i did not expect to top, but i don't disaaprove infact i am glad to see that worm decks are seeing success.

In the end though Michel Gruner(from Germany) won the event with tengu plants. Michel Gruner has won a YCS before ( i forget which one sorry!) so he is a famaliar face. On to another topic though there were 580 players at this national which is low compared to North America standards but might not be low compared to european standards.

In conclusion both WCQ's ( North American and European) showed the same thing:  Tengu plants are the deck to beat, six sam is still a good deck but doesn't have a good plant matchup ( showed by the top 8 standings were no six sam made it in the North America WCQ) gravekeepers still have a favorable plant matchup and Tech genus is one of the best control decks because it takes advantage of tengu. Most of this information was already known. Once the decklists come out for North America I will do a post on that, thanks for reading!

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