Monday, July 18, 2011

WCQ North America Results: Tech genus wins it all!

So as you probably know by now tech genus has won nationals in north America. SIDE NOTE: I will be covering the european national results in a different post. So lets get off the subject of T.G winning and look at some of the good things konami did. First they only did feature matches on good players so that is a plus, but the bad thing is that they didn't do any top 32 coverge they then just switched to dragon duel coverage WHAT? Besides that nothing konami did or did not do really had an impact.

Now lets move on to the event itself of course plant decks had a huge showing, actually all of the tier 1 decks had a good showing. But T.G really hammered it home, it was like out of nowhere that alot of people played this deck, not that I disapprove. Or maybe it wasn't it was that i just didn't pay attention to the meta that much( which I don't think is the case but whatever.) Also quite a few pros made it to the top 64, including jeff jones, Adam Corn, Alistar Albans, and Frazier Smith. But this pro streak ended when it came time to advance to the top 32 as somebody must have oredered a massacre on the pros, as all of the ones I mentioned above were emilnated, plus a alot of others, which left us with a top 32 with very few known names. i of course don't have any information on the top 32 as konami thought dragon duels were more important. Same story with the top 16, i really have no idea what konami was thinking and their coverage team needs a reevaluation. We did have a feature match in the quarterfinals(finally) between Jeff Walker and Joesph Bogli, both duelists were running tengu synchro decks. Now we go to the finals between Hansel Aguero and Samual Pedigo, hansel running T.G and Pedigo with tengu synchro( or plants whatever you want to call it).

The everntaul winner was Hansel Aguero, so congrats to him and everybody else who made top 64 they all did a great job, except for 2 people in that top 64 ( Paul Cooper and Nizar Sarhan). Paul Cooper from what i understand used his empty jar deck and was dq'd in top 64 for unknown reasons but if you know who he is from YCS coverage you can probably figure it out ( he was using his empty jar deck see any problem?) Moving on to Nizar Sarhan I firmly believe he did some form of cheating, why? Well Michael Bonacini of Death Aspect Blog has all of that information so make sure to look at that.

Overall I am pleased with the results, it is unforunate that alot of pros were ousted in the top 64, but oh well, let's let some new people represesnt North America. T.G is a good deck so I don't think that it deserved not to win, infact i amk quite pleased that a tengu varient did not win. That is all for today so check back tomorrow for a recap of the european nationals.
EDIT: I will do more of a deck breakdown once the decklists come out, but with the european national recap I will cover it all in one post.

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  1. Paul Cooper is one of the greatest duelists I know. He put extra hours and hours of time and effort preparing for this tournament. He was forced to catch a late flight (came in Saturday at 4 am) and went straight to the convention center to sign in. Yes he played his broken empty jar deck. and whooped some ass. In the top 64, the judge called for a deckcheck midround. the duel stood at 1-1 before the deckcheck. This was one of Pauls only losses by the way. The judge came back and showed paul that he accidentally wrote 4 magical stone excavation on his decklist. First off, Paul was deckchecked after round 3 and 7 and now 12. And it was never caught that paul was playing these excess cards.

    Now I know you people will think ohhhhh so he just kept reusing the 1 book of moon that konami gave him, and obviously that's not the truth. He actually sides out Magical stone on occassion.

    In the end, thats how Paul Cooper didn't continue on at nats. If anyone wants to be brave enough to play HIS empty jar deck, go right ahead.