Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photon Shockwave Discussion part 3

Hey guys as you can tell from the title I am going to be continuing(wrong spelling?) my photon shockwave discussion. Just a side note I am going to be doing a analysis of Tech Genus and was going to be using Hansel Arguero's decklist as an example but I am beginning to think that the North American coverage team for the WCQ is never going to post up the decklists for the people who topped(just a another example of how lazy they are) but if they do decide to post the decklists then I will do a deck analysis. On with the main post!

1. Giant Shadow of Egotisim(quick play spell card) Effect: When a monster declares an attack target 1 face up monster on the field and increase that monsters attack by 1000. So I have to say this card shows some promise it could be a nice tech card in certain decks that need monsters to run over monsters in battle ( blackwings(I guess?) and jurracs(does anybody play this deck?) At the very least it makes rush reckelssly completley obsolete.

2. Deep Dark Trap Hole( normal trap card) Effect: Activate when a level 5 effect monster is special summoned banish that monster. So this card is pretty good but it doesn't negate the summon so if priority on ignition effects is gone by the time we get this card, it may see some play, but if prority on ignition effects is still around just stick to bottomless trap hole.

3.Thunder End Dragon( rank 8 exceed(I will always call them exceeds) effect monster 3000 atk, 2000def must use 2 level 8 normal monsters) Effect: Once per turn you can detach a exceed material to destroy all other cards on the field. A new age judgment dragon, but it is quite hard to get it out the only deck I could see using this card effectively is some hopeless dragon or other dragon varient that uses blue eyes or galaxy eyes photon dragon which is the cover card on this set( I might review this card at a later time).

4. Evolkaiser Raiga ( rank 4 exceed, effect monster must use 2 level 4 dinosaur type monsters 2400 atk, 2000 def) Effect: you can detach 2 of this cards exceed materials to use a solemn judgement( well that is not exactly what is says but it is shorter to say it like this) Wow this card is very good sure you have to use 2 dinosaur type monsters but with the combo that was reaveled by Micheal Bonacini( which ws by using rescue rabbit you could summon 2 kabuzalus) this card is very easy to summon, quite terrifying!

That is all for today I will have one more discussion on this set by the end of this week, thanks for reading!

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