Saturday, July 16, 2011

Photon Shockwave Disscussion Part 1

So I am now back from vacation and ready to blog again. So as you can see I decided to do a review ( or at least part 1 of the review) of photon shockwave. I might do a review of generation force but right now photon shockwave is just a much better booster and will likely have a very large impact on the game.

First is rescue rabbit which by banishing this card you can summon 2 normal monsters with the same name. So at first i thought this card was very balanced but as I played out the combos in my head and also read online, this card is anything but balanced. It is almost an instant exceed of any level ( barring levels five and up). They just really didn't make this card have enough restrictions, the cannot be special summoned from the deck stops summoner monk and random floaters but who cares, with all the draw power decks have no days it is almost like searching for any card you want( well it's not that bad) and to be quite honest the "restriction" of being banished instead of being sent to the grave is better in my view, can anyone say empty sea space levathien( srry for spelling).

Second is tribe shocking virus. I will stick to my previous of view of this card in saying that this card is balanced, it basically does the same thing as tribe infecting virus, but it banishes the card instead of discarding it. EDIT: This card is only useful in mirror matches as you must destroy the same type of monster that you banished, ex: if I banish a warrior I can only destroy warriors but i still think it will be a good side deck option for tier 1 decks as they will have alot of mirror matches.
The last card I will review for this part is preacher of the ice barrier which by tributing this card while you control another ice barrier monster to special summon another ice barrier from your grave but you cannot special summon level 5 or higher monsters the turn you use this effect, not to mention you can special summon this card from your hand if you control another ice barrier. So this card gives a reason to play ice barriers.

That is all for today thanks for reading!

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