Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tech Genus Discussion

So i kind of got tired of playing  six sams and I wanted another deck to play that actually takes a little mind to play so i choose tech genus and after testing out the deck I really want to make it, also since I bought a box of extreme victory and pretty much pulled everything I need to build the deck so yeah I am building tech genus. I was trying alot of different things in my build and I just decided to go with 5the mob and play the plant engine with 3 tengus. I feel kind a bad since I wanted to make it my own but that build just seems so much better compared to the control one. So i tested them both out and yeah with libararian legal the plant tech genus build is really good. But if libaraian gets banned then i will probably take out the plant engine ( or maybe not since that engine just puts in so much work) Also I like the deck because it has it's own creature swap which is real nice. It kind of gives it that control aspect without it actually being control. Right now I like it better than d prision beacuse d prision is dead most of the time with shien and I love taking a kristia or hyperion against faries. I really did want to play 3 d prision but oh well you can't have everything. I fell like I am playing back in the days of old when I switch control of one of my tg's and I destroy it so isearch for another tg, such a simple yet effective stratgety lol! So that is really all I have to say I am probably going to do a post on nats tomorrow, but If I am busy then good luck to everybody going to nats, i would come but my family is going on vacation on the same day nats are happening and the bottom line is plane tickets are expensive!

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