Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photon Shockwave Discussion Part 2

Hello readers today I will be talking about some more cards from photon shockwave(btw sorry for not having any pictures in my review posts as my computer is very stubborn and won't let me insert pictures, but I am planning to get a new computer soon.) Moving on with the post today we have:

Watt King Cobra: 1000 atk and can atk directly and when it inflicts battle damage you search your deck for a watt and add it to your hand. So this is a big step in the right direction for watts as it gives them search power, which they need. But looking at the deck as a whole it stilll needs some better support, don't get me wrong this monster is great it's just that the archtype needs some help as there are better control decks out theere.....for now.

Next we have extra gate(spell card): declare a level from 1 to 12 and your opponent banishes 1 card from their extra deck with the same level declared, if there are no monsters in their extra deck discard 1 card from your hand. So this card seems very intriguing(sorry for spelling) to me. Now if you declare a level 5 or some other common level you likely won't get much out of this card, but if you declare level 12 now that changes things, there are only 2 level 12 synchros in the game: T.G halberd cannon and of course shooting quasar, and if you play yugioh(which if you didn't why are you reading this blog?) you would know that once shooting quasar comes out in the tcg, halberd cannon will become more irrlevant than it already is. Also one look at ocg meta and you will see that shooting quasar is defining their meta so i see many possiblities for this card....

So next is dark flash which is a trap card and effect is: tribute one dark monster with 1500 or more atk, destroy all special summoned monsters this turn. I have to say this card sounds very good and I think is konamis way of trying to make a more balanced crush card virus. I can see alot of decks using this( well dark decks anyway. it gives dark world decks a more controlling option to go along with ddv, and eev, but now that they have this they can stop alot of threats. The one deck that I see most benefitting from this card though are Blackwings(post about them is coming soon along with decklist) the way i play the deck is much more of a control deck so this card is like a godsend to them, being able to deny all threats and stop your opponents push. But in all honesty I think i have a bias for blackwings so in the end all dark decks will benefit from this card.

Thanks alot for reading, i havce noticed that my blog is getting a bit more popular in pageviews so that is good.

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