Thursday, July 21, 2011

Legendry collection 2, tin update, Generation force special edition, and shooting quasar dragon announced for TCG!

WARNING: Huge post prepare to use your eyes ALOT

So some big product updates from konami, where do i begin?

1. Legendary Collection 2: So I had high hopes for this set and I was not dissapointed. You can find all of the info here. But I will still do a recap. So for starters E HERO Great tornado will be in here GUARANTEED! Along with cyber larva, lion alligator, spawn alligator, PARALLEL WORLD FUSION, dragonic tactics, and court of justice. So if you have been reading the manga then you are familar with these cards, but WOW HERO decks are getting a huge boost so make sure to get your hero stuff ready! The only thing is that E HERO the shining is not in here so expect him to still be a pricey card(good thing I held on to my 2 shinings!). On a side note HERO decks can finally be played her in the TCG like they are in the OCG, with parallel world fusion you can fuse like crazy and right after you play miracle fusion! Also in here are the 3 sacred beasts and the 3 darklord prize cards you used to get for placing in the top 3 of a YCS. On top of all of that you get 5 mega packs which contain 1 secret rare card, 1 ultra rare card, 1 super rare card, and 5 commons! In this set there are a total of 266 cards! Also the card pool of reprnits is amazing they include, the GB's as unknown rarties, d prision as a super or ultra, dd crow as a super or ultra, d fissure as a secret , banisher as a secret, necro gardna(secret), SUPER POLY(secret) and a few others. plus the card pool of commons also include rai-oh and judgment dragons! On top of all of this gateway of the six will be in here, along with all of the old six sams(from strike of neos like irou and shogun shien). Also( I know i am saying also alot but there really is alot to cover) alternate art for E HERO avian, sparkman, buratinatrix, cyber and dragon and THE ALTERNATE ART CYBER DRAGON YAY! There is also dark end dragon, plus light end dragon, the last darklord which is desire and a the new GB lanista! I think I througly covered legendary collection 2 but wow i really couldn't ask for anything better(except for a few new blackwings but that is in 5'ds not GX lol) there are also more cards that i did not cover so check out that link. The price is 30 USD(United states currency)

2. Moving on we have a tin update in the levathian dragon tin the 4th promo was announced to be stygian street patrol(which is okay it wasn't really a very expensive card anyway) but these tins are already to good lol, the link to the wind up zen master tin is here and the link to the levathian dragon tin is here( so you can stay up to date with the remaining promos for each).

3. So now we get to the generation force special edition you can look at it here. It of course has the usual contents the 3 packs. the rpomos this time around are: ABSOLUTE ZERO and spore. So finally Ab zero gets its reprint and spore gets a rarity upgrade cool!

4. Lastly we have some more huge news: SHOOTING QUASAR DRAGON HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED FOR THE TCG! This card has completly dominated the OCG and will likely have a just as big if not bigger impacy here in the TCG you can check out the picture of the card in english here. no release date has been announced nor do we have the info on what pack or special release it is going to be in. It is It is going to be a shonen jump promo in the magazine, but unknown what issue.

So as you have read there is alot of yugioh product coming pull out your wallets lol. I can honestly say I have never been more excited for all of this stuff to come out kinda like when i was a little kid and I summoned dark magcian ha ha! That is all for today thanks for reading!

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