Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hidden Arsenal 4 Preview

Hey guys sorry I didn't do any updates for a while but I will make up for it. Instead of me talking about meta stratgies that you have heard a million times I will be doing my first set preview! So today i am going to talk about Hidden Arsenal 4. This pack comes with your standard duel terminal cards like jurrac, fabled, ice barrier, and naturia not to mention a couple of others. But the cards that i really want to focus on are really Fabled, naturia and a ice barrier. First Trishula dragon of the ice barrier, this card is a level 9 synchro that removes one card from the field hand and graveyard at summoning. I have no doubt in my mind that this card will help define the meta. In Japan this card is already at one but I have a feeling that in the TCG this card will be at 3 on release. To add insult to injury trishula has no summoning limitations, that means any one tuner monster and any two non tuner monsters can make this card, also it has 3000 atk. Secondly Fabled. This set almost makes fabled a very viable deck they are still a card away from being complete, but nonthe less they get the fabled chawa, cereburral, and nozchee all have effects that special summon a fabled. The monsters that in really want to talk about though are the synchros. First the fabled unicore this card is a level 4 synchro monster that has 2300 atk. Its effect is when both players have the same number of cards in hand you can negate any card effect played! Now this card has a great effect but the limitations are pretty high, as you both have to have the same number of cards in hand and since fabled burn through their hand rather quickly this can lead to problems. Now on to Naturia, this set actually turns them into a viable lockdown deck. With beast and barkion already out and bambooshoot out as well the deck is okay but more of a fun deck but that could change with hidden arsenal 4. As they get a fusion that uses barkion and beast as materials which is kinda hard to have on the field at the same time but the effect is rather good as you can negate a spell or trap by removing a card in your grave and milling the top card of your deck. naturia also get mantis which gets rid of monsters and other support. In conclusion hidden arsenal 4 is reallly a great set for trishula if for anything else. Also I am looking forward to fabled becoming good not to mention a slew of other support for dragunity, genex, and jurrac. See ya guys later! Also make sure to follow me by email!

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