Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Meta: Fish

Hey guys continuing on with my segment of the meta I am going to be talking about fish decks. Now if you paid any attemtion to the last YCS then you know that fish came in second place. The reason for this is because this is just a prime example of how pot of duality has helped our meta, by making decks that have great combos good by giving them consistency. Also there is another factor and that is that since super ancient deepsea fish thing needs two tributes, he was a easy target for cards like bottomless and solemn warning, but now that many tier  decks are not running any bottomless (like six sam) that makes the king fish easier to get out. Sure they still have to worry about solemn warning and other negation cards, that is nothinga little seven tools or trap stun can't fix. Does this mean that fish is now one of the best decks of the format, well who knows but definatley it has gotten alot better this format. Also what I really love about this deck is that it is just so flexible and is not a one card win deck. Alot of times people just win without getting their giant fish king out and if they do bonus for them! Also there are alot of sidecking possibilities for sidedecking, like if you want to be creative you can just make your sidedeck into a monarch one so that if you have a bad matchup to a certain deck(like gravekeepers) then you can just side in the monarchs and make it a formula monarchs build. So that is really all I have to say for today so until next time (:

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