Friday, March 25, 2011

The meta: Dragunities

Now we have the newcomer to the party. They are one of the few good decks nowdays that vary from player to player as the deck just has so many different cards that can make it either aggro, control or conservative. I personally think that the best build is probably the control one so i will focus on that build the most. The basic premise of the deck is to get phalanx in the graveyard than summon it back with dux then sync for varanja then resummon phalanx with her effect then gor for level 8 sync. So the deck can pretty much just summon level 8 syncs and go from there. The build that I find the most interesting is the aggro build, as it can rival the aggressiveness of six sam. All you have to do is just throw in the ultra rare dragunity from the structure deck and the 2100 beater also from the structure deck, in conjuction with all of the other dragunities mentioned above and you have a very aggresive build even without trident dragon (as I really don't like that card as it gives you too many -'s) As you have read so far the deck is very vesitile but there is also one more build in which you can use dragunities in, conservitive. This build kind of plays like blackwings in the way that they don't get otk's but they focus on steady attacking and control with your level 8 syncs and trap cards. The final thing i want to talk about is their field spell: Dragon Canyon. This card single handidly made dragunties what they are today by turning any dead card in your hand into a very live one. By pitching a card in your hand you can either get a dragunity to your hand or put a dragunity in the grave, therefore fueling almost the entire combos of the deck, and like i said in the gravekeeper article this deck also benfited from the ban on heavy storm. That is all for today oh and srry for not remembering the names of some of the monsters!

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