Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Meta: X-saber

Hey guys today I am going to be talking about x-sabers. They have been a viable deck for over 4 formats but have only been widely used in highly competitive events in 1 format. They have pretty much stayed the same since the realease of the shining darkness, but that is not really a bad thing. Now here we are today in the march 2011 format and x-sabers are once again big, why? Well the answer is simple since blckwings are now not as strong as they once where people fall back on famaliar ground. X-sabers have great combos, great support and even better techs that you could throw in. You can basically through any good tech in the deck and have it work. They are a very big stable deck, much like how lightsworn was in previous formats, the process is get big for a format, die down then come back witha vengance. That is exactly what has happened here. X-sabers are also great because they really don't have bad matchups, except maybe gravekeepers but smart techs and siding fix that. Going back to blackwings, they had once held the spot that X-sabers now hold: a powerful deck that appears at every tournament and is very good. Well now that b-wings have been hit very hard, X-sabers have came in. I expect x-sabers to do very good this format so lets just wait and see! Thanks for reading and remeber to follow me if you like what you are reading so this blog can get more popular! Until next time (:

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