Monday, April 4, 2011

Just a friendly meta game discussion

Hey guys just wanted to talk a little about the format. Welll I went to my locals on Saturday (I went 4-1 by the way, I'll talk more about the matches in this article) and I saw some very interesting stuff (I was playing six sam). My first game was aginst anti-meta nothing really new here I lost agme 1, won game 2 and lost game 3 so a first round lost off to a great start right! My second match was against spellcaster beatdown which I won game 1 and 2 with but the thing is he actually finished the day witha 3-2 record not bad for such a deck. My third match was against Lightsworn which of course is your typical lightsworn and I lost game 1 but won games 2 and 3. My fourth match was against choas plants which I won game 1 lost game 2 but won game 3. My final matchwas against scraps which i won games 1 and 2. So you're probably thinking just your average local right, well not quite, see by the time the top 8 was released ( I didn't make it I was 12th, nor did any of temates but that was okay.) It was quite a shock 2 gb's made it, 1 six sam, 1 gravekeeper, 1 fish, 1anti-meta, 1 nordic, and 1 burn. Yeah you heard me right burn. So the matches were gb vs. gravekeeper, gb vs. fish, nordic vs. anti-meta, and six sam vs. burn. By the time the top 4 came around the decks that were left were Gravekeeper, gb, nordic and burn! The only tier 1 deck left was gravekeeper! On top of that it was quite a game to watch for a burn deck to beat a six sam deck! So the finals came around and the decks that were left were nordic vs. burn! So now no tier 1 deck was left and the deck that took it all was burn! it was amazing i never would have guessed it! i did have mixed feelings though, nordic really is not a sacky deck, but burn is so i felt like maybe this format was to diverse for its own good or was it just a fluke looking at results from YCS Charleotte and seeing that a deck destruction made it all the way to the top 4 that maybe burn winning wasn't just a fluke. Don't get me wrong I congratulate the burn player and it was a amazing build when i looked at it, I was just shocked that sucha sacky deck could win a local! So that leads me to this week's poll question do you think this format is just diverse for its own good or the sacky decks that win are just flukes, please answer!

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