Monday, March 21, 2011

The Meta: six sam

Hey guys I am going to have a new series (did I spell that right) about the top meta decks and decks that maybe aren't tier1 but are tier 2 or 3 so the first deck i am going to be talk about is going to six sam, as they won YCS Dallas and YCS Charleotte (how do you spell that). They are one of the best decks of the format, but why did most people main triple upstart goblin even though gateway was at one? The answer is quite simple: just like how blackwings lost 2 whirlwinds, then they mained 2-3 dualitys, then a few months later lost 2 kaluts. So the six sam deck is still capable of otk and is very aggro, but i never believed that you could overextend to the field if you only have 1 shi en as caius and other things can take it out and then dark hole and look where you are at. So I still firmly believe that while shi en is a key card of the deck kizan, kageki, and kagemusha are much more the heart of the deck. The deck is also able to accomadte litlle techs here and there so that really helps to adapt to your meta, though the monsters pretty much stay the same you could always mix things up in the spell and trap lineup. Also six sams are awsome against decks that set monsters alot as they can just run over their monsters and continue on the offensive. The bottom line is six sam is not a one trick pony. While some people believe it is an autopilot deck I do not believe that is the case, as it always isn't as simple as kageki summon kagemusha then sync. Six sam are also able to come back from the most hopeless situations as you have so much search power,a awsome draw engine and a awsome synchro that negates stuff. I also think that one of the best cards in the deck in this format by far is double edged sword technique as it is just so versitile as it can be used to go aggresive and push for game and also be used as a last ditch effort to comeback from the game. So i hoped you enjoyed this part of the segment the discussions will get better as I discuss Tier 2 and 3 decks as I can think of impressive stargeties with those decks so just barewith me until I get passed the tier one's.

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