Friday, March 25, 2011

The meta: Gravekeepers

Ah Gravekeepers, they have been around forever and were actually one of the first themes to be invented. They were very good when they first came out, then when new better themes came out they fell by the wayside. Then fastforward a couple of years to absolute powerforce and new support for the theme came out, but that didn't break the theme yet. Then fastforward a couple of months to starstkrike blast and you get gravekeepers recruiter. This card single handidly broke the theme into what it is today. This card allowed them to take a YCS by surprise and actually win the event. Ever since that they have been a feared tier 1 deck. They are argueably the best deck of the current format and they are without a doubt the best anti meta deck. Not only did gravekeepers get great support in the past but the ban of heavy storm was a glorious celebration of all decks that used a field spell, in this case necrovalley. This card not only completely shuts down the graveyard but also makes the gravekeeper monsters huge 2000 beaters. Moving on to Royal Tribute this card can ruin great hands in an instant as it gets rid of all monsters in your opponents hand. So as you can see gravekeepers are a very awesome deck, also on a side note since I did not do an entry to the blog yesterday I am going to be doinga double entry today!

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