Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm back (for good, at least till finals next year) also local report!

Hey  guys I know I have been gone for a while, blame it on school just a really hectic time for me, and I have to study, study, and study so please forgive me, but I have been keeping up with the game (I have been going to locals every week) so I am here with my local report. This time I went with actestism build with sams  I know all I use are sams, but for some reason I am tempted to build b wings again as that is my all time favorite deck to play. Anyway on with the report!

Round1 vs. Six Sam
So I don't know this guys name, actually nobody I knew was there (they were all busy or so they say -_- )
so I thought that this would be an easy local but in the end it actually turned out to be a high end local.
Game1: I draw nothing and he opens decently and all I play for the whole game are my 2 msts, but the good thing is he doesn't side since he doesn't know what i am  playing.
Game2: I open good drawing 2 cards summoning shein and setting warning and fiendish chain, all the while having puppet plant in my hand so yeah I win.
Game3: pretty much the same as game 2
Result: 2out of 3Win!
Record: 1-0

Round 2: vs Six Sam (again!)
Game1: he only sets back row and i just bait out the backrow and end up winning
Game2: we go back and forth but in the end he gets off a shien and I don't have an out and I draw dest too late.
Game3: I don't open with any hope of being aggro at all but I open with solemn, and warningx2 so i can control the board long enough to go aggro and win!
Result: 2out of 3 Win!
Record: 2-0
So just a little thing I have faced 2 mirror matches and I thought that actesticsm would help with that but i never drew acstetism once but I still win so I'm okay with that!

Round3: vs Tengu plant
Game1: I have control early on but he summons tengu and presses for advantage with the plant engine and I can only stare with a look of awe.
Game2: Again i have control early, but he puppet plants my shien and uses tengu and shien to drop me to 100 life points, next turn i synch into beast, with actestism(YAY) and destroy his remaing tengu's but he lava golemn's me and ends to win (not cool man)
Oh well I probably just got too excited with actestism and played it my bad
Result: 0 out of 2 wins
Record: 2-1
I am okay I just have to win my next 2 games nad i will top
Round4: vs Machina
Okay so i lied I do know him and he is actually a very good machina player, but I have tested heavily against machina as I always at least play against one machina at my locals so I know how to play against this deck.
Game1: this just shows how much life points don't matter i go first setting my 2 solemn warning and solemn judgement( Iknow derp-derp) ans synch into shien, he summons gearframe, i warning, he discards for fortress I warning, he drops force for fortress. i solemn and he passes needless to say i end up winning. This just proves that life points are meaingless in this game.
Game2: i open with my sided cyber dragon and fuse with his green gadget to make fortress dragon, then synch into shein, then into beast with actesism(double YAY) and end up winning because I play my sided d-fissure first turn.
Result: 2out of 2 wins
Record: 3-1
Then they announce that there would only be four round nooooooooooooooooo! I still have a chance of topping but when they announce the top 8 I rank 10th -_- oh well better luck next time but i did find out that I like the actesism engine and will stay with it. Decklist up maybe tomorrow.

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