Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just a little disscussion

So I have a little discussion on reborn tengu. Why did konami make this card, did they not see that librian took over in the ocg and so konami relaeses this card just to make libriraian format worse. i know that i am a little late top the party about ranting on this card but this card is just not healthy for the game. At least in the ocg they did not have tengu and that shows as alot of different decks top and they are in libararian format so it shows that the ocg has a healthy game. But nats this year in the TCG is going to be just the nuts. So let me get this straight we have trish at 3 libaraian at 3 AND tengu at 3, plants are so good. The worst part about it is that tengu is a TCG exclusive so it likely will not be hit on the ban list. Konami please stop releasing such sacky cards and if you do please correct your mistake. Also one more rant can the people who cover the YCS's in the western hemisphere and the people who update the yugioh-card website please have a lesson in web managing 101 as I gave the people who covered YCS orlando credit they got the decklists up faster but know they have taken 2 steps backward and not updated that coverage. Also it gets on my nerves when i see products like dp crow and dp collection tin and they still say coming soon what? They have been out for almost a month know! But for the coverage team that covers the YCS's over in Europe good job you take pictures, are fast at updating and they just write the feature matches like they actually play the game so kudos to them, they should have more YCS's in europe.
Quick side note I was buolding a balckwing deck but decided against it as I think they are too slow against the other decks out there and there are better control decks like GB's or GK's. Also I am revamping my six sam deck to be able to keep up with librarian so that decklist is coming soon. Oh and also the blog is going through some subtle changes so be on the look out!

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