Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dueling network Madness

Srry for the lack of posts but I just wanted to do a short post on when i was on dueling network last night. So I was playing my tech genus deck (decklist up soon as well as six sam) against some fortune lady deck and this guy had  a decent rating around the 250-300 range I know that that's not that much but it's enough so that you at least know the rules of the game. So I hyave two tokens from dandy and a level 4 spore, he has fortune lady wind on the field and 2 backrows and a decree face up. I summon rush rhino and he activates torrential i am like no way you can't do that beacuse you have decree and he's like yes i can It negates only my opponents traps not my own. WHAT? So I explain to him that it negates all other traps on the field and he's like well okay, then i continue my turn and I have to explainn every little thing to him, like why I drew 2 cards because I had a libabrain on the field and I summoned a formula. All in all is the most pain I have ever experienced while on dueling network. On the bright side i won (thank god.) That's all for today expect a very late YCS recap and a few decklists later on this week.

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