Wednesday, June 15, 2011

YCS Providence: Agent discussion

So yes I am starting my YCS discussion for providence I have not been able to do this for other YCS's because of laziness/finals. But alas I finally decided to muster the mental capacity to do this ( I make it sound so hard to push keys on a keyboard).
So agents alot of my friends at locals were having a discussion about them and I joined in. There was alot of talk about them being the next dragunities one YCS and ya done. I think that statement is half right. They will get a good amount of tops this YCS as they are new and not alot of people will have done extensive playtesting against them and they have decent support. But then we fast forward to nats and they start to lose power, no longer do they have the surprise factor that they had and people know how to play against the deck. Kinda like when gk's won that YCS (i think atlanta?) because they had the surprise factor, sure they do top still but they have never won again. But this is a discussion about the YCS so yes I think that Agents will have a good showing at YCS providence and top quite a bit. i don't think that agents are going to win though as I have predeicted the winner wrong of a YCS every single time as people with random decks always win but who knows maybe that will change. i personally have playtested against agents on DN(which is other rant i will get into in another post) and six sam have a decent matchup against them, they can easily outspeed them but hyperion is a very easy out to shien so agents boss monster is better but sams have more speed. The only other deck I have playtested agents with is blackwings and they have a fair matchup as icurus really hurts icurs should so be at 3. so i kinda got off track but i hoped this helped.

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