Thursday, May 19, 2011

The changing metagame (and a quick six sam discussion)

Hey guys just wanted to talk about the coming changes to our metagme and boy the're are alot. First and Foremost most of you know already about the librarian format that oficially starts on july 5th so i will keep it brief this format means brokeness and drawing a hella lot of cards so get ready. Secondly we have gold seris 3 coming out (these events are in no particualar order) witch won't have a huge impact it will just make some key cards easier to get (hopefully good ones). Third we have the agent fairy deck coming out and to be hones that deck looks really good and i really want to try it out. The agents might sit around tier 1.5 or 2 if they are lucky possibly even tier 1 (yea they are that good). Fourth we have Exceed summons coming out, now that won't really effect the metagme because we have such good synchros but just give exceeds time, they will be good. Fifth we have the darkworlds and if you haven't been on duel network and figured out that they are good, then please go do that right now. This structure deck that they come in are singlehandidly going to change the game so much. Darkworlds are going to be tier 1 no doubt about it. With so many new decks that we are going to have to contend with side deck space is going to be limited so those special techs are going to be even more important. Now with the six sam discussion eventually i discovered after getting advice from trusted friends/good players that you have to run 3 dojo(yea it's that good) also before I was just running 2 elder and no actesthism but now I am running 2 actethism and elder. But the problem i seen to be having is finding space i am tempted to take out a grandmaster and or  my 2 mst's but they are just so good, also i wanted to find room for a squire but upon looking into my deck i have concluded that i cannot fit in squire. Also i wanted to take a more control approach with veiler but after seeing just how much power aggro six sam is I will save control six sam for later *cough* Librarian format.

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