Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things to pick up for the new format + Anaheim

Hey ladies, germs, dudes and brohams its grant back with another post on this saturday day. Today, im actually gonna do a dual-post on yugioh and vanguard to appeal to not only my new fans for Vanguard but the loyal followers of yugioh that follow cameron's blog. Also, before i start i want to take the time to give a strong message to the yugioh community. HEAVY STORM SHOULD NEVER LEAVE THE LIMITED LIST UNTIL WE HAVE A SUITABLE REPLACEMENT. It doesnt matter if we have 3 mst and 3 night beam we will be right back to square 1 with a monster+ 4 backrow. No skilled player in yugioh wants that again.( Note: Valafar123 not trying to diss you, i recognize you as a true player but i have always been a heavy/1 mst/1 believer).

Well, there is only 1 crucial thing that comes out during this time of the year which is none other than konami's bit.. i mean ban list. The Ban list stumps our brain since their is no real way to determine what konami is gonna do unless your ishizu ishtar and can see the future with your millenium jewelry. However, I do believe there are certain cards that you should pick up to avoid having to drop your life savings or sell yourself just to get the new stuff.

Without further ado here is the list:
Effect Veiler/ Bottomless Trap Hole- Something tells me these cards are gonna become more of a staple
than they already are with decks such as aqua, hieratics, and lavals coming out in the tcg. Being able to stop potential killing plays will always entice players.

Night Beam- Oh, this card may finally accomplish what me and cameron have wanted for a long time. This card's existence may finally put mst to 1. As a result, the limited amount of backrow hate may spike this card's price up.

Forbidden Lance-  This card, along with tour guide, was the card of the format after we lost ignition priority. I expect this card to be useful yet again.

Fiendish Chain- See forbidden lance.

Dark Magician of Chaos/Magician of Faith- These cards + return of the duelist= money for konami

Tribe Infecting Virus- I would hate this card to come back with all the atlantean support but knowing konami's money tactics they just might do it.

I hope this helps you all. Now onto anaheim.

The Cardfight Vanguard Kick-off event was a lot of fun. I got to meet some vanguard tubers, old friends, new friends and even got eliminated from the single tournament in the 3rd round. I say "eliminated" because bushiroad only gives 1 game per match compared to swiss rounds. However, it was no big deal and i finally got to face gold paladins after months of avoidation. Even got to pick up 2 night beam and a gaia dragon for my frog monarchs.

Anyway, thats it for today. I hope you guys liked the dual-post about yugioh and vanguard.
Next week will probably be a set 3 review.

-Grant a.k.a Blaster Dark a.k.a the magnificent shadow dragon