Saturday, August 18, 2012

Plan for next format

Hey guys its grant, the most mysterious admin on the blog(jk). This time, this post is strictly yugioh related. The banlist is officially leaked and i love the list. I do send my love out to inzektor players as your deck got massacred(Wind-Ups quit bitching u are still alive, and chaos dragons are waiting for their new build). The only thing i didnt like was bls not getting hit and that magic cylinder is at 3!

Bls- I hate this card so much, that i want to rip it, burn it, and piss on its ashes. YES, EXTREME HATRED. I now know how all 2005 veteran players feel about this shit now.

Magic Cylinder- I. Hate. Stall. or. Troll. Decks. End of Discussion

Anyhowsels i will reveal my deck for the new format. WAHLAAA!!!!!!!! Actuallly ill post my deck at the bottom just so you will read this entire post. I thought that if i were to change agents, this is how i would do it. I would run a solid monster count, with heavy protective traps, with spells that would secure my plays outside of veiler or maxx c.

EDIT:(I know it says it was published near 9 but i actually published it just now around midnight)


  1. =/ to put it nicely i don't think that is an optimal list

    eg why night beams before you're using the 3rd mst, random card from the sky, a ton of 1-ofs in your trap lineup, etc

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  3. actually i changed the night beams tour bus and cards for white people into:
    2 t-king
    a 3rd mst

    i also changed the fiendish chains into compulsorys and call into my 2nd bottomless