Sunday, August 12, 2012

Relationship with Your Deck

Well everybody i'm not showing u my recent frog monarch deck for nothing. It's grant and i decided to do another yugioh-vanguard dual post due to the success of last week. This will probably be a little shorter though since its late(sorry). Frog Monarchs used to be a well renowned meta deck during the Frog/Infernity/Saber format, however recently it has fallen out of favor with duelists. Only those that truly love the deck play it now. However, what people must realize are two things: They cannot underestimate the power of a certain deck AND no matter what always use the deck that you can connect with. In the yugioh anime, yami stated " When a duelist builds a deck, he chooses his favorites from many different types of cards, but sometimes the card can choose the duelist. The two are connected and the duelist can tap into the card's true power because each is bound by the heart of the cards."

Yami 's statement goes back to vanguard but instead of just the cards its the clans and instead of the heart of the cards there is the winning image. Both of these are necessary to win a vanguard fight and its important to choose a clan that you like the most or fits your playstyle. Going with a deck like gold paladin, not because you like the deck or fitting your playstyle, but playing it because its a top tier deck will not get you far in vanguard.

So, that's all folks! Sorry this got put up so late, but i spent the whole day at frank and sons and at cameron's house, and i didnt get home until i was too tired to write.

See ya next time!
-Grant a.k.a Blaster Dark a.k.a The Magnificent Shadow Dragon


  1. why Thestalos, out of curiosity?
    dark world is relevant at the moment :o

  2. honestly LFN, it was 1 deck out of the current meta compared to others. But for the new banlist i have mobius over thestalos