Saturday, August 25, 2012

Knowing the difference between broken, ok, and balanced

Light, shadow, and unity combine! I synchro summon myself, GRANT!!!!!!

Hey guys i'm back with another weekly article which happens to be another yugioh post. I'm probably just gonna do these until school starts( when it does, me and cameron may have a hard time doing the blog every week). My main topic this week is the difference between good, power and broken. Keep in mind these are strictly my own opinions. I just want to clear this up because there are some people who don't know the difference.

Power cards are the cards that at any given time can change the game into any given direction. Most people probably know the power cards(reborn, dark hole, heavy, the solemns etc.), but at least half of our current duelist population misjudge several of the power cards. Believe me, the only power cards that NEED TO GET HIT ARE REBORN AND BLS FOR VERY GOOD REASONS. Dark Hole and Heavy storm are those necessary cards that punish overextension and the solemns are skillful for the fact that u pay a lot of life for negation.

Now, good cards can be split into a whole category: never should be at 3 . Never should be at 3 cards can have boss monsters to search cards to cards like tengu and tour guide. Believe me, tour guide got way more balanced when it reached 2. I also agree with cameron on his philosophy that no deck should have their own search card at 3(2=for most cards or 1=search cards that are easily splashable which is why rota, charge, and allure are at 1.) As for boss monsters, i'm in the belief that no boss monster should be at 3, but i judge each one at a different level. I know that boss monsters on DAD(Dark Armed Dragon)'s level should be at 1(Judgment Dragon,Gyzarus, REDMD etc.). Other boss monsters, such as hyperion, that can't be splashed into other decks or aren't borderline broken, can go to 2.

Finally, we get to broken cards. These are the cards which can enable otks, ftks, constant loops, or even unbeatable locks or just create an unfair advantage. I've already declared that BLS and REBORN need to get banned due to unfair advantage, but there's more cards than that. Everybody knows most of the back in the day cards so i would like to touch upon 2 controversial banned cards: Goyo Guardian and Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. I've seen many players talk about how these cards were unfairly hit and that they were balanced, but both of these cards happen to be in the same level as Dark Strike Fighter. Goyo Guardian was banned a year ago in March 2011, leaving Brionac as the last good level 6 synchro. What Goyo did was create a massive tempo swing by destroying your oppenent's best creatures(Stardust, Shi En, Brionac, etc.) and using them once they got to your field. Now, Brionac was banned this upcoming September 2012 format. People think Brionac was banned as part of Konami's eliminate synchro-promote xyz deal, but it was so much more than just money. Brionac enabled otks by shutting off backrow, and allowed atlanteans to get their effects off easier. Now i for one think that no other cards need to come off the forbidden list except for crush card and sinister serpent.

Well with that see u all next time!

P.S Here's my final rough draft for agents for all those agent players out there!

- Grant a.k.a Shadow a.k.a The Master of Solar(AGENTS)


  1. tour guide + sangan + crush card. yup, its definitely coming back

  2. i honestly think crush should be legal. Michael Bonancini wrote a post on his blog talking about ccv. It punishes players for using too many high attack point monsters.