Monday, August 6, 2012

Rabbit Sabers Decklist

                                         I had to use this picture, I just had to

I wanted to post this deck before the new banlist was revealed that way I can get all of my current format decks out of the way and look onward to next format! Honestly the deck is really good, didn't have the guts to take it regionals(and I didn't have rabbits). But I was able to take it to a few wins at locals and on DN(if that means anything to anybody). I try to make all of my orignal deck ideas competitive and I think io have succeeded with this one. The rabbit allows for instant fautroll setups and/or being able to XYZ into a rank 4 to get an out to a situation. Boggart + anu pirrana = easy rank 4, the only down side is that the rank 4 XYZ are no where near as utilitarian as the rank 3's but still good none the less. You good take out the dualitys for anything else, I just really like 2 duality in any saber build(I like the consistency it gives to the deck). The same can be said for the mirror force, i like for the chaos dragon matchup. I only added in one torrential because this version of sabers is alot more aggressive and explosive then regular sabers. I always find myself making some sort of combo play so I cut torrential to 1 and I like it alot better. With roach, beast, and barkion its very easy to achieve soft locks and/or total lockdowns. In regards to the D-Prisions I decided to make the dino rabbit and chaos dragon matchup easier while making the inzektor matchup harder. In my testing inzektors were probably my best matchup just because you don't really play any cards until you have a explosive combo(and with rabbit that happens alot more often than normal sabers) so you don't really commit to the field that much besides the usual setting of darksoul or emmersblade. As always though you can choose to run fiendish chains or any other trap that you see fit(or with effect veilers player preference really).

This version of sabers is more aggressive and there is alot less time spent building up advantage so you can make one giant aggressive push(like in regular sabers) in turn though you sacrifice some stability. All in all I really love this deck and if rabbit only gets semied on the upcoming banlist, this deck will also be perfectly viable for next format as well. if rabbit gets limited, then I go back to regular sabers.

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  1. It looks good. How does ut work??

    1. The deck is competitive. Its only bad matchup is chaos dragons but it is not unwinnable. It basically combines the consistency of X sabers and makes it more explosive with rabbit.