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My March 2012 Banlist: Part 2: The list

NEWS ALERT: As I was writing this I found out that tour guide is going to be reprinted in some battle pack coming out in may, if you want to read all about it click here. The bastards did it! lol

Hey guys! So I do apologize for not posting anything in the past week. Finals week was upon me(they were late this year) and I had to study of course so I hope you all understand. Thanks for your patience and with finals finally over with I have time to myself! So I am continuing my banlist sereis and in this post I am going to give you my list and the reasons why.

Black Luster soldier: This card is too powerful and can single handily win games on its own and the last thing we need is another boss monster that is splashable. Not to mention the summon condition is a joke if it can be called a condition at all. i think many people will agree with me that this card should have never came back in the first place.
Dandylion: This card generates too much advantage and for just being milled you get to free monsters, also they are level 1 which makes them ideal for synchroing since they can be used for nay level. I advocated this cards banning for a while and nothing has changed yet.
Glow up bulb: What? Two main plant cards both banned! Blasphemy! In al honesty and as I said on my last post about the banlist the plant engine has seen play in 3 consecutive formats and two of them were tier 1 formats. The deck is too good. Some could argue by saying it is tengu and tour guide that make the deck good but really the plant engine is just so easy to splash in anything and gives the deck so much flexibility that the whole engine needs to go to hell. I don't think that it is enough justification in that bulb's effect can be used once per duel  the card is too good and helps makes the plants engine what it is today.
Sangan: Sure tourguide could also be hit but in todays meta sangan is a generic searcher that can get pretty much all of your combo pieces to make a deck work. The problem is that in yugioh we have so many generic cards that just come together and make a deck good. I don't believe in this theory by all means ban this card.
 Future Fusion: Its a five card foolish burial need I say more? Plus it is a ftk maker in itself.
Pot of Avarice: I hate card that you can just rip off the top of your deck and win. I think they are bad for the game and require no skill other than being drawn to play. Plus this so called "cost" to activate the card by needing 5 monsters in your grave can't even be called a cost anymore.
Mind Control: This card has become no different than brain control and brain control is banned. We have so many options other than tribute now that again the negative effects of this card are not negative at all.
Monster Reborn: Read Pot of avarice.
Trap Dustshoot: When "monster mash" was popular this format this card and confiscation were almost equal in the amount of advantage it gave you. Now that the monster mash trend has died down dustshoot is not as good as confiscation but with decks running 20+ monsters and you getting to see your opponents entire hand it is ban worthy.

The Agent of creation-Earth: Not only is this card limit worthy it searches out the  one card rank 2 exceed enabler but by all logic it should be to keep things  consistent. stratos is limited and for that matter any card that is a searcher should at least be limited.
Wind Up Zenmighty: In case you didn't know loops that take all or most of your hand are broken and bad for the game.
Rescue Rabbit: Rescue Rabbit is a hard card to place. if you put it at one it pretty much kills off any deck that uses it as its main card(dino rabbit) as unlike its feline counterpart it is not really a good tech as you have to run at least 2 sub par monsters(most likely 3) for it to actually be a live card. But on the other hand if you put it at 2 it won't really do anything as it is still good enough to run at 2. Of course you could leave it and hit the exceeds it brings out(laggia and dolkka) but imo that won't really do anything as they aren't ban worthy and putting them at one is useless considering you usually only bring dollkka and laggia once. But in the end dino rabbit is tier 1 and the deck has to get hit unfortunately in this case it either gets left untouched or killed and I choose kill.
Mystical space typhoon: I loved the days when we had heavy and 1 mst. Imo it is the perfect balance of spell and trap destruction without going over board plus dust tornado has filed for unemployment and konami doesn't want to be a job killer right?(lol)
Inzektor Hornet: This card falls under my one and ya done theory. If you can remove it from the grave by dd crow or some other means you shouldn't have to worry about two more and this will force inzektors to actually play more conservative(I hope). But keep in mind the deck is not dead with this hit.
Grapha: Again this falls under my one and ya done theory, if you can remove the first one you shouldn't have to worry about 2 more, even if dark worlds aren't tier 1 that doesn't mean the deck shouldn't be hit.

Now for my more ahem controversial choices( still under limited mind you)
Royal Oppression: Imo we need this card to make the game good, sure it helps the tier 1 decks too but this helps curb the special summoning problem that we have in this game.
Goyo Guardian: Alot of people have said this and I agree. Imagine your opponent summon hyperion only for you to summon goyo and take it, PROFIT! Also since we have no shortage of boss monsters even without bls taking out this card won't be a problem.
Ultimat Offering: This card + Gadgets is quite good and will become broken once we get some really good rank 4's

Semi Limited:
Master Hyperion: It is easier to bring out than DAD and while it can't destroy three cards at one time you can usually just rip it off the top of your deck and summon it giving you an out to many situations, the reason I didn't limit it is because I already hit earth to 1.
Judgement Dragon: We need to return all of the lightsworn stuff back to where it was.
Blackwing-Kalut: Another card that alot of people have on their lists and I agree. Blackwings need some help and giving back some mind games to blackwings will really help them.
Book of moon: It is too much at three and too little at one plus exceeds are already cemented into our game no reason to promote them more.
Emergency Teleport: Last time I checked the tele dad format is gone so this card can come back.

Summoner Monk: Saw no play at one or 2 and unlike most cards its cost ius a true cost so unlimit it and move on.
Primal Seed: Go! Play the deck the way it was meant to be played! No BLS! No problem! Main 3 Primal Seed and Top a YCS near you!
Magical Stone Evacation:  Because neg 2's are so good!(The sarcasm has ended FYI)

So there you have it! Before I go I would like to say thank you so much for the 10,000+ pageviews! Goal number 1 achieved! To infinity and beyond!

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