Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 2 Recap of YCS Guadalajara

Hello fellow duelists! I am here with the complete day 2 recap of YCS Mexico.

Before I begin I would like to thank LFN for pointing out some of the other key cards in the wind up deck besides the loop they seem much more legitimate now and I can see why they are tier 1 no doubt.
I will begin with the top 8

The Top 8
2 Wind Up
2 Inzektor
2 Dino rabbit
1 Six Samurai
1 Plant Synchro

Not much has really changed here the big three decks that held the most spots in the top 32 still hold the most spots in the top 8. It is also painfully obvious that the former best deck of the format, Plant Synchro has fallen out of favor only holding one spot in the top 8. That Six Samurai deck continues to hang on....

The Top 4
2 Inzektors
1 Dino rabbit
1 Six Samurai

At this point Wind ups are eliminated completely and inzektors take the top spot. Dino Rabbit again stays in there and that lone six Samurai still lives....

Dino Rabbit VS. Six Samurai

That Six Samurai won't lose will he? But of course Dino Rabbit will win because the Six Samurai sackiness has ran out right? Also Dino Rabbit is commonly refereed to as the better Six Samurai deck right?


Guess who won? Six Samurai

Yes your eyes do not deceive you.

I have said this last post as well, i don't see how six samurai can even possibly be a tier 1 competitor this format, Plant Synchro, Dino rabbit, Agents, Wind Ups, Inzektors can all beat it lets take a look at some outs that those decks have against shien and beast

Plant Synchro: It can drop any synchro at the drop of a hat and doesn't rely on spells too often and primarily uses monster effects.

Dino Rabbit: Laggia, Dollka are enough in their own right, if the six samurai duelist used the elder build than Dollka would not have been that good but rabbit should run all over the deck, if they can stop that initial summon of beast or shien than you are golden. Laggia can do that. Dino rabbit has a more control over its games because it has power over monster effects and spells and traps, ss only have control over spell and traps.

Agents: Hyperion wrecks shien and beast, nuff said

Wind Ups: They have the hand loop, they have the search power in factory, with shark they can drop almost any rank exceed rank( not any rank but you know what I mean) after studying their plays they are a very good deck, they are like the new X sabers only better, so they should have beat Six Samurai

Inzektors: They wipe the field every turn, Imo this is a horrible matchup for ss and just about every other deck that commits to the field.

Call me single minded but I do not and will not believe that ss are a viable tier 1 deck. Even Enishi is not convincing enough. I am not attacking the guy who won with them: Oscar Zavala congrats to him.

Anyway this YCS did cement a few things for the rest of the format. 

  • Inzektors and wind ups are the new tier 1 that need to be handled accordingly
  • Plant Sycnhro is on the bubble as to where it stands as I don't believe it got a fair representation at this YCS 
  • Dino Rabbit is further cementing its tier 1 status and might be the best deck of the format(Ironic that a control deck is considering claims that control was dead at the start of this format)
  • Agents are continuing to trend down I expect this trend to continue heading into Atalanta 
  • Wind up/inzektors(the combined deck of them) despite getting their fair share of hype did not perform to standards.
I really wish that konmai would post decklists and feature matches it would allow me to disect more info but I digress.

 Thanks for reading


  1. Hyperion is meaningless against Sams if they have the player locked down with Fiendish Chain / Vanity's Emptiness / random nasty trap

    1. That field lockdown combo can pretty much wreck any deck, and more than just six sam run fiendish chain

  2. Agreed! I'm thinking with the way things are shaping up, Glads could make a comeback.