Thursday, February 9, 2012

Locals Report 2-4-12

What! Are you serious! A Local Report! Oh yes I am! I know I haven't done one of these in a very long while but I at first didn't think that I wanted to do Locals reports anymore but I have changed my mind here we go!

So I am playing my Chaos heros, I got the skeleton off of ARG but I changed quite a few things around to match my playstyle and took out stuff that I didn't like and wha la I have a deck! In all seriousness I have been testing on DN alot recently with a ton of different hero builds and a modified version of Chaos Heros seemed to work the best this format.

Grant(co leader of the team) is the only member that comes with me all of the others are sick -_- anyways I get some pre tourney games in with Grant(playing karakuris) and we end up even at 2 games each, I go and play with some other people there and win most of my games. At this point I am feeling pretty confident but unfortunately I was proxing my rai-ohs since Brett was borrowing my rai-ohs. I am not able to borrow any rai-ohs so I am forced to put two solemn warnings in the main, which might be a little WTF to some of you but my build only runs three traps so whatever. I knew the warnings would work out fine but i was worried about the reduced light count. Also tourney attendance was pretty low at only about 30 people(which is low for my local) and about 20 of them were kids, usually teh ratio is this: 50 people and 30ish of them are good, so there is quite a difference.

Round 1 Cameron VS. Dragunity
 Game 1: She is a good player. She brings out 2 stardust even though I open 2 Maxx C and use them on both of here dux plays which is not good playerish but perhaps she decided to go for the risker play because her hand is not that good. i don't draw any outs to her field setup but I draw into gorz and summon it on her next attack, then I draw into monster reborn to revive the phalnx sycnh into brio with ailus and return both stardusts and attack for game.

Game 2: The game is pretty back and forth since I don't draw into any of my handtraps, eventually she gets out stardust and sets some backrow and that is game.

Game3: I draw into D.D crow and remove her phalnx. Nuff said.
Record 1-0

Round 2: Cameron vs. Dark World
Game 1: I out advantage him and win with my clutch BLS

Game 2: It is back and forth but then I ss Chaos Sorc and remove grapha and then beatdown from there
Record 2-0

Round 3: Cameron Vs. Frog Monarch

Game 1: He gets too many plusses with his monarchs and I don't draw good

Game 2: Read Game 1
Record 2-1

Round 4: Cameron VS. Dino rabbit
Game 1: It is pretty back and forth and it ends up getting down to 500 life each but he top decks a rabbit and summons utopia and that is game.

Game 2: It is another back and forth game but I gemni spark his dolkka and beatface from there.

Game 3: Again it is back and forth but i end up getting off a miracle fusion which he cannot stop and I win.
Record 3-1

Round 5: Cameron Vs. Six Samurai
Game 1: I have seen this player before but have never played him before. Anyways he opens sacky and I have no hand traps so he wins.
Game 2: I grind for advantage which is where heros excel so I win
Game 3: he opens 2 united, gateway and kageki and kagemusha, where u at veiler? Needless to say he wins

Final Record 3-2

It is a lackluster record but it happens, I will continue testing with this deck it is hella fun/good Imo. Also I am going to begin posting videos on the teams channel as a extension to this blog so look out for that in the near future! Thanks for reading!

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