Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Only On DN #1

There is really no pressing news to report today and since the banlist has yet to be revealed yugioh has not been that exciting. So in order to test my Chaos hero deck I decided to test it out on some random people on DN(it is more of a getting used to the plays of the deck than anything) then I remembered why I stopped doing that.... I have come to the conclusion that all of the stupid people on DN have formed a cult that's purpose is to piss me off and make my games a living nightmare. I don't mind if you don't know some of your rulings or card interactions we all have to learn. But that is just the problem when I point out a ruling( I always make sure I give them the link I got the ruling off of usually pojo or Dgz) they either deny it or falt out say that I am wrong. You have to eb able to accept your mistakes and learn from them! I am not saying that I am always right, if you think I am wrong then please give me a link that states otherwise, then we can talk. So I have decided to make a post every time I get some ahem unusual experiences on DN here are a few so far:

Scenario 1
Opponent: Has Royal decree on the field(activated last turn) then proceeds to activate mirror force on my attack.
Lesson: It always helps to read your cards!

Scenario 2
Opponent: Asks how did I special summon a stardust on his turn when I had a brio and a formula on the field.
Lesson: Read Lesson #1!

Scenario 3
Opponent:Plays the shallow grave when I have no monsters in my grave
Me: Umm sir it is a requirement for both players to have a monster in the grave for that card to be activated.(I find the ruling on the web and link it) 
Opponent: No one else has told me that ruling before so you are wrong.
Lesson: Read my first paragraph of this post

This is purely meant for laughing purposes and to expose the DN Community for their stupidity. Don't get me wrong I have had some good games on DN with good duelists and with people who want to learn from their mistakes unfortunately they are the minority on DN.  Thanks for reading!


  1. This is the reason why I quit dueling network

    1. agree. That is the reason I quit it too. Basically, you cannot hit your opponent if he is being stupid

  2. Ugh, reading this kinda stuff only makes me hate DN more, lol. Why are people so badddd?? I don't even...

    1. Like I said the thing that really gets me is the complete lack of knowledge and worst of all the complete disregard for gaining knowledge.